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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Slimmer and sleeker than ever, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has curved edges for an easier grip and elegant look. With water proofing up to 2 hours and bulletproof glass, the Note 8 has increased durability yet enhanced beauty. Better storage for the newly improved S-Pen is located in the bottom of the phone for more comfort on your hands.

With LED lights surrounding the power and volume screens that are customizable, you will never get bored with a variety of features. Very simple, the phone colors come in wide range, including the new Galaxy black, Magma gold and Denim gray.

An enhanced AMOLED screen allows you to see everything clearer, like you were already there. 

  • 5.8" Quad HD Super AMOLED
  • 2670 x 1530 (545 ppi)
  • 3340 mAh
  • 20 hours of standby time

Take better pictures and videos with the newest and improved cameras.

  •  Rear : 18MP OIS (F1.9)
    Front : 8MP (F1.9)

With the new Air Command, you can quickly access your apps and drawing tools for more convenience. Even add your own if you want!

The newly designed S-pen lets you do much more. The glass surface can withstand bullets, making it very resistant. With safe storage on the bottom of the Note 8, you are sure to not lose it

You can draw and play with he drop menu, and your S-pan will make it much ore easier.

$799.99 - 32GB

$819.99 - 64GB

$899.99 - 128GB

$959.99 - 256GB