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Background about Anna

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Anna Ma 

0415 661 226 

Age: 38 years old 


Hi, I'm Anna, looking for an apartment in a safe convenient location to share with my roommate. I was born in Canada, and been a resident in Australia for 8 years. I am responsible, reliable, clean and very handy with home maintenance.  

I came to Australia to travel and work, but I fell in love with the country and became a citizen in 2016. My dad was a carpenter, my mum was in shipping/receiving, both from Hong Kong who immigrated to Canada 40 years ago. My dad taught me home maintenance growing up, so rest assured I will take care of your property and keep it clean. 

I am down to earth, a friendly neighbour and very supportive in my community.


When I'm not working I enjoy going out to eat with friends, play tennis, hiking, play board games, cooking, swimming, watch movies and outdoor activities. 

-At the boardgame convention

Employment History

I am currently seeking employment, I am financially able to pay rent on time.  

I am a very hard worker and very dedicated, most often I stay back at work or I bring work home. I am in the education industry in customer service and intend to continue this career. This year I took time off to return to Canada to visit family because I haven't visited for 6 years. I just returned to Sydney a month ago.  

Previous Employment 

Student Service Officer/Post Application Officer - Laureate Universities Australia 

Aug 2012 to Feb 2017(4 yrs 7 mos) 

Annual income: $61,000 

Go to LinkedIn for my full employment history here:

Rental History

At the moment I am staying with a friend until I find an apartment long term. 

I am quiet, clean, good at home maintenance and I always pay my rent on time. 

70 Courallie Ave, Homebush West NSW 

November 2015 – February 2017 (1 yr 3 mos) 

Landlord & roommate: Shumin Lin prefers to be contacted by email) 

Rent: $740/month for the room 

Reason for leaving: travel to Canada 


39 Mclaren Street, North Sydney NSW 

November 2010 – November 2015 

Landlord's agent: Infinity Property Agents 

Rent: $2,433/month 

Reason for leaving: change in relationship 

*Can provide rental ledger upon request

Should you have any questions about me, please contact below: 

Anna Ma

0415 661 226


Sabina Francis


0424 732 493 

Hubert Wong


0421 636 841 

Tenant Reference Letter

Sunday 22nd October 2017

To Whom It May Concern:  

This is to verify that the tenant Anna Ma, have resided at my residence in Homebush West NSW between November 2015 to February 2017.  

During that time Anna was a very good tenant by paying rent on time, considerate, and kept the apartment clean and tidy.  

I strongly recommend her to any prospective landlord and I can verify further clarification via email at  

Shumin Lin