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Gustave Courbet: 

A Biography

Gustave Courbet also known as just Courbet was a French painter who was born in 1819 in a small town called Ornans. As a child, Courbet grew up with a normal family, his father and mother were named Regis and Sylvie, he also had sisters named Juliette, Zelie and Zoe. Courbet also enjoyed being outside and did things like swimming. Courbet started painting when he was child, while he was in college he studying law, but he didn’t like it until an old drawing professor invited him to his studio and this allowed him to realize his true passion.

Courbet was best known for his realists paintings because he portrayed painted everyday struggles that people went through.Realism is basically showing subjects in the painting truthfully throughout everyday life. Courbet was not only influenced by artists, but poets as well. Victor Hugo was big inspiration of his before he started painting in realism. Later on in his life, Courbet influenced the realists and neo romantics.

The Stone Breakers

Created 1849

Medium: Oil Paint

La Rencontre

Created 1854

Medium: Oil Paint

The Painter’s studio 

Created 1855

Medium: Oil on canvas

The Desperate Man

Created 1845

Medium Oil Paint

La Rencontre

Created 1854

Medium: Oil Paint

Portrait of Juliette Courbet as a Sleeping Child 

Created 1841

Medium: graphite

The Stone Breakers in my opinion is one of the best pieces of artwork I’ve seen thus far. I like this painting because of the meaning behind it. It showcases the hardships of everyday life people go through. In the painting you see two hard working men and this really correlates with the Realism movement because it presents true art.

The Painter’s Studio is also a very fascinating painting by Courbet. In the painting you actually see the artist working on his art, which in my opinion is something that not most artists do. We get to see what goes on in his actual studio. This goes well with the Realism movement because it depicts the subject in its true form. I like this painting so much because it shows the hard work and all the people involved in a painting.