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The Motive

                                                                                             by Claudia Bryan

             I was sitting in the kitchen at the apartment, wondering why Tyrone would come to me, a inexperienced lawyer and a detective for only two years, when all of a sudden my roommate yelled,"MARIAAAAAA!?!?!?!?! Your friend Tyrone is at the door!" 

Being frightened by her loud voice, I hopped up and ran down the hall yelling back, "I'm coming, Lasey!" 

I opened the door and there stood Tyrone, looking at me shocked because my roommate and I were screaming so loud. I let him in, and we went down the hall to my room. 

            We talked about Damian's death for about and hour and a half; Tyrone even cried a little while we were talking. He did most of the talking. He mentioned how he wanted to bring the case back to court. He didn’t believe Damian's death was an overdose; he thought that it was murder. 

That night, I thought all about what he had told me; Damian being caught up in drug money from previous 'purchases', him cheating on Tyrone four months ago, and him being involved in a gang. She then realized that Tyrone might be a suspect; what if Tyrone saw Damian cheating and was doing all this just to cover it up? 

After speaking with them for a good hour or two, I finally convinced the judge and other detectives and lawyers to re-open the case. 

At the first court hearing, Tyrone took the stand, and he told why he thought this case was really a murder. Then I questioned him on whether or not he saw Damian cheating. Turns out, at the time of Damian's death, he was getting his wisdom teeth removed, his mom and brother as witnesses to his alibi. 

I interviewed other people as well, such as family members and friends. None of them knew who would do this to Damian. The next person I could think of was the dealer; I questioned him and it went something like this: 

"Was Mr.Damian White, paying his money off from his purchases?" I requested. 

"Yeah, he was," answered Jadarius. He was very relaxed, not tense at all. He sat back, almost as if he was just here to hang out. He especially didn’t look suspicious; maybe that’s what he was going for.  

"Do you know how much he owed?" I inquired, wondering if the amount he owed contributed to the murder. 

"Don’t really know. Don’t think he owed that much," he replied, unsure of the exact amount. 

"And was he paying it off regularly?" I demanded, slightly sounding frustrated due to his lack of cooperation. 

"Well you see, he was payin' it off by workin' in my auto shop," explained J.D., "and he came pretty often." 

" I understand," I confirmed. That would have been nice to know earlier, I thought. 

        The next couple of court hearings went by smoothly; I brought all the gang members to court, and all of them had alibis. Only one person stood out to me. I had just brought in a member, DeQuondre LaFevers, and he said something strange. I remember it like this: 

"Mr. LaFevers, you are member of the gang Damian was associated with, correct?" I quizzed 

"Correct," he mocked. He looked as if he was  tired of this, as if he thought all this was in the past and should just stay ruled on O.D..  

"Egh," I sighed quietly under my breathe, so no one but myself could hear it. I then asked what I asked all the members, "Were you aware that Damian was in a relationship?" 

"What? No! Wait, is he goin' with La'Meya? Nah, he couldn’t be. Wait, so who?" he answered sounded surprised. Almost the same answer from everyone other gang member. 

"Uh, no, sir. His significant other was Tyrone Williams," I answered, not shocked, but wondering why Damian didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t even tell his family. 

"My girlfriend was right," mumbled DeQuondre immediately after I spoke. He said it so quietly, no one but me had heard.

"Do you have anything to say?" I said, wanting everyone to hear what he said and  realizing I sounded really sassy after I asked it.




Me ->


"Uh, yeah. Well my girlfriend had told me she thought he was gay, but I never believed her," he explained. 

"Was you girlfriend. . ?" 

"Bianca," he said quickly 

"Were Bianca and Damian close friends," I asked, very confused. He hadn't told anyone else, so why would he tell her? 

"Not really, I mean sometimes we would all hang out together, but they were never close or anything," he made clear. 

"Then how did she know?" I questioned, sounding kind of harsh. 

"Uh, well, she said that she thought he was flirting with me, but I didn’t see it. I thought we were just buds, you know? Maybe not." he said that part so quiet, I think I was the only one to hear it. "But you said he was with Tyrone, so he wouldn't do that, right?" 

"I'm not sure, Mr. LaFevers" I answered, wondering whether this was true or not.  

             That night, I lay awake, thinking about what he had said about his girlfriend knowing Damian was gay and thinking he was flirting with him. What if he was? I then knew I wanted to bring Bianca into court; maybe she knew something everyone else did not.

In the next court hearing, Bianca came into court to be questioned. The juicy part happened after I asked, "So Mrs.Jones, you are currently in a relationship with DeQuondre LaFevers, right?" 

"Yeah, but I don’t see what this gotta do with Dami's death," snapped Bianca. 

'Dami'? Maybe they were close. "Next question," I said, aggravated, "Did you ever suspect Damian was homosexual?" 

"Uh, no, I didn’t," stuttered Bianca, "but I still don’t how this relates to Damian's death," she quickly responded.  

She definitely seemed uneasy, you could tell by the way she was eagerly bouncing her foot. "Where were you at the time of Damian's death?" I requested. 

"I was at work at the dolla'sto' on 6th street. Been workin' there off and on for almost a year and a half," she added. 

That evening, after the court had ended, I asked one of my assistants to go check her schedule at work to make sure her alibi checked out. 

Every night, I replay the days events over and over in my head, trying to pick up any clues I didn’t catch the first time around. I know it sounds weird, but I'm just an over achiever like that. 

Early the next morning, my assistant, Sheri, rushed up to me and said, "At the time of Damian White's death, Bianca Jones was not working at the Dollar General on 6th street." 

"Thank you for the information; it helped a lot," I replied. She smiled a smile of accomplishment and ran off. She always had to be some where, didn’t she? 

I knew that Bianca had lied, instead of being laid back like most of the other people we brought in, she was tense; she tapped her foot, her fingers, and avoided eye contact most of the time.

Once she was back, it went like this: 

"Why am I here again?" asked Bianca, sounding annoyed at the fact that she was here, again. 

Ignoring her question, I asked, "Mrs. Jones, you do realize it is against the law to lie under oath?" 

She shrunk in her chair the moment I said lie. "I realize," she replied, softly. 

"Then why did you do it?" I demanded. 

"I don’t know what your. . " she didn’t get to finish. 

"During he time of Damian's death, you did not have your job at the Dollar General," I interrupted, cutting her off. "So, where were you the day Damian died?" I spoke harshly. 

"I was. . . " 

"Don’t lie this time, Mrs. Jones."  

"I, I  . . . Do you know what its like to have a guy flirting with your boyfriend!?" she yelled. "I mean, it’s the weirdest feeling in the world, to be hanging out with your friends and one of them start flirting with your boyfriend! And the fact that it’s a guy makes it worse!" 

Under my breath, I whispered, "Oh my goodness." 

"I did it! I was with Damian that day.  What if my DeQuondre was taken by Damian!?" 

"How did you do it?" I asked. By this time, I could feel every one looking at me, almost as if they were burning me with little lasers. At the same time, I felt very accomplished. 

She started to calm down, but was breathing very heavily. "I emptied a sleeping pill into his drink, I also dropped some other stuff to cover it up. I left him to where it looked like he was doing drugs." 

Everyone gasped, mumbling around the court soon turned to talking and even some yelling. 

"Order, order!" spoke the judge, "Bailiff, take the accuser into custody, where she will be charged for the murder of Damian White." 

Bianca struggled as the bailiff put hand cuffs on her, then with one hand in the hand cuffs she slapped the cop and began to swing, he tased herand continued to nonchalantly put her  in cuffs and take her out of the court room. 

"This case is dismissed," announced the judge.  


I got up and ran to hug my family, Damian's family, and Tyrone, who were sitting in the back of he court, watching my very first independently solved case. Woo Hoo! Damian's family were crying tears of joy. When I hugged Tyrone, he whispered in my ear, "Thank you for everything." 

"No problem, anything for a friend," I said back.


Can't wait for my next case.

The End