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French Guiana

The capital city is Cayenne

The population is 285,190

The total area in French Guiana is 32,253 miles┬▓

it is a democracy

Basic Info


All of french guiana is a tropical climate. 

Precipitation happens very commonly. its average is 2,500 mm a year and some areas even 3,000 a year

The temperature is bursting hot! its average temperature is 86┬░ Fahrenheit


It is near Place de Palmistes 

On March 2nd, 2004 they launched a aircraft to go on a comet it did, and it discovered a different type of water.

Manmade Features

Camp de la Transportation was the biggest prison in french guiana

since the beginning of the 1990s people started mining for gold more commonly.

There amount of bauxite they found is about 42 million metric tons.

Natural Recources

French guiana think that if they keep destroying forest trees that the evolution might change.

The french guiana shrimp fishery started after 1960s

Production of rum started after 1881.


Rosewood Essence helped french guiana and its economy.


French guiana is mostly well french

They celebrate christmas

They also eat roti, which is a type of fried bread