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Road To Revolution

Made by-Colin Turenchalk

                 Alex Du

                 And Charlie Emanuel

The Table of Contents


Introduction --------------------------------------------------- 3

The French and Indian War---------------------------------- 4

The Stamp Act-------------------------------------------------- 6

The Boston Massacre ------------------------------------------ 8

The Boston Tea Party ------------------------------------------ 10

The Intolerable Acts -------------------------------------------- 12

Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------- 14






    There were a lot of wars back then but,the American Revolutionary War is probaly the most interesting war of all of them.And many others will agree if they read this booklet.The Revolutionary War started in 1775 and ended in 1783. In Britain it is called the 7 year war. They called it the 7 year war because it lasted 7 years. The Britsh fought the 13 colonies.The colonies worked very hard to win the war and won the Revolutionary war. King George the third was not happy about this. You may think that this is all very simple, but its not. People took chances that can kill them!!!The colonies had to make their own team to fight so they gathered up cooks, silver smiths, farmers and wig makers and all the other people that are in the village. What you will read about in this booklet is the French and Indian War, the Boston Massacre, The Stamp Act and lastly the Boston Tea Party. So if you are interested then pack your bags and whatever else that you need and take your horse on the road to revoloution!























This is a picture of king george the 3rd


































This is a picture of king george the 3rd.













The French and Indian War


Believe it or not the French and Indian war caused the American Revolutionary War. The French And Indian War was a war with the British and the American colonies against the French and Indians.  The British had the best army in the world at that time so of course they defeated the French and Indians. During the war the British had to fight with a whole bunch of troops and ammunition because it was not easy for the british to win that battle. So after the battle the British had to tax the American colonists because the war costed a fortune of money. So the British taxed the american colonists for money. The British put taxes on tea which the American colonists loved at that time so then they hated tea. The british also put taxes on stamps and sugar and a bunch more.  Of course the American colonists did not like that so, they became rebellions. They boycotted and the whole American Revolutionary War started.


 This is a picture of King George the third

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was one of the most unpopular taxes ever passed by the Britsh. The Britsh passed the law in march of 1775.  They passed the act because they needed money badly after they fought in the French and Indian war. After the British spent a fortune on the French and Indian war. King George III thought the colonist were just a big piggy bank and he was taking out money. The colonists were not happy about all the laws the British put on them. It was called the Stamp Act because the colonist need a stamp on everything. They bought things that covered by the stamp act of example playing cards, contracts and newspaper were covered by the stamp act.

 Stamp taxes was very common it was used in China and the United Kingdom. The stamp act helped the colonist group together. The Parliament repealed the act in 1766.
















This is a picture of one of the stamps during the Stamp Act period.

    The Boston Massacre

      The Boston Massacre started in the night of March 5 1770. In front of the Old State House. A British soldier was looking for a job untill a colonist said, "if you'r looking for a job, then why dont you clean toilets." that one sentence started the whole entire Boston Massacre. After that was said, colonists surounded that one british soldier and threw snowballs at him. After that more british soldiers came and someone said dont fire. A soldier heard the word fire and shot. Then everybody shot, this was the Boston Massacre. This was in 1768.

     5 men died. Not only that, but most of the other american colonists were wounded. Former slave named Crispus Attucks was one of the 5 men that died. Crispus Attucks  was remembered as one of the first people to die for American independence. Only two Britsh soliders were found guilty of killing the colonists but they were not punished harshly.

This is a picture of the The Boston Massacre

The Boston Tea Party


The Boston Tea Party was one of the events that led to the Revolutionary War. After the Stamp Act was withdrawed, colonists were happy. But there was one more tax still left, The tax on tea. Colonists in New York City and Philadelphia refused to allow the ships to unload their cargo. But the governor was loyal to the British and let the ships full of tea unload their cargo.

The Patriots called for boycott. A group called the son of liberty disguised themsleves as Mohawk Indians. On December 16, 1773 they aborded 3 ships docked on Boston harbor. They took all the tea in the 3 ships and dumped it all in Boston harbor. They dumped more than 300 chests of tea. Because of the tea party the Boston Harbor was closed. 

This is a picture of the Boston Tea Party

Intolerable Acts 

After the tea party, the British passed four punishing acts.They were meant to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party and other protests. They acts were called the Intolerable Acts. The first law was the law that closed Boston Harbor until the colonoist paid for all of the tea. The second law was the law that procected British Officials who were accused of crimes in the colonists. The 3rd law was that British soliders were to be housed in colonist's homes. The 4th placed massachusettes under military rule. Another law was passed in 1774 gave an area of land west of the 13 colonies to Quebec. The British thought these horible laws will bring the colonies under control. But it didn't. Instead the colonies decided to work together against the British. This was the reason the Continental Congress, a group of Colonists that met together to talk about the British and plans. The Contintental Congress also voted to make the Decloration of Independance.

Have you ever heard of John Hancock? He was a person that signed the Decloration of Independance. Exept unlike others he signed his name very large just to stand out.

This is a picture of the Decloration of Independence



Those are the steps to the Revolutionary War. The French And Indian War, The Stamp Act, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Acts. What you should have learned is-the first step to the Revolutionary War was the French And Indian War and the last part to lead up to war was the Intolerable Acts. The War all started with the Battle of Lexington and Concord and ended with the Battle of Yorktown. There are some rumors about that spies helped a lot in the Revolutionary War  Another fact that the colonists won is that the British fought in straight lines but the Colonists fought behind trees, in bushes and in houses to keep secret from the British when the battle started. America was now truly free!



  • Parliament-the members of parliament for a particular period, especially between one dissolution and the next.
  • Colonies-a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country.
  • Massacre-an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.
  • Revolutionary-engaged in or promoting political revolution.
  • Intolerable-unable to be endured.







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