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how to be a digital citizen

By Evan Karmann 

The Know how of Being a






Blog: A blog is a website where people post their thoughts about  a certian topic Podcast: a podcast is a file advalible for download on the internet.

Aggregator: searches for websites relating to the subject you want.

Phoshing: is defrouding an acount online descised as a company.

Flaming: is posting rude and hurtful messages tward somebody by means of social media of e-mail.

P2P ( peer-to-peer) : is a way to communicate with people, friends, and peers.

Digital Life 101

Tip 1: For each account, make different passwords for each.

Tip 2: When your typing in your password to a website, dont let anybody watch you type it in.


Tip 3: For public computers, avoid typeing in your password.


Tip 4: Log off any accounts on your device before you leave it unattended with somebody. 


Tip 5: Check and see if your password is strong or not when you create an account for something. Websites have password strength indicators


neticuette has rules and tips. the rules for netiquette are

Rule 1:  treat people how you want to be treated.

Rule 2: Act online like you would in real life. 

Rule 3 : Act approperatly with your possition on the internet. Example: If you are just a person of Facebook, dont be gosip or rumors about people. Reporters for news networks can Post those things because it's their job to find things people would fond interesting. If you are visiting a new website, observe before you engage. 

Rule 4: Don't let people see people as a bad person.

Rule 5: If  you learn things about the internet, share it with other people. 


Protact Yourself Online

Rules and Tips and Things to Remember:

1. Make a screen name on social media to protect your idenity.


2. Remenber that every thing you put on the internet is perminate. 


3. If you create a profile on a website, make it so its as private as you can.


4.  To protect your personal things, oftenly make new passwords.


5. its to good to do all you communitateing online.  because mast posts dont show how you are saying things so before you post something, think about it. 

Definition: Information under protection from private citizens.

Digital Privay

Social Media

Tip 1:if somebody doesn't want to be your freind, than you couldn't try to make them your friend

Tip 2: if somebody wants to be your friend, do some reasearch on them to see what there like


and to see of they are who they say they are.


Tip 3:create a seperate acount for your


personal conversations


Tip 4: Dont post anythiong that you dont want


your pears to see.


Tip 5: Don't post, tweet, or send anything if you


are upset about something.

Cyber Bulllying

Definition: Cyber Bullying is bullying some body by means of electronic devices.

What To Do: if you are cyber bullied, do not respnd to messeges, record any affending messages, ask for help with it. 




How to protect your self: before you post something think


about who will see it, and think about what your saying.


some more ways are keeping your parents informed


about any rude activity,not telling anybody your


passwords, and talking to your parents if somebody is


shareing content with you that is not apporpriate. 

Cyber Bullying