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Picture of the F&F tower in Panama City.

Panama is a country south of El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaruaga, and more. Panama is also a country of Central America.


By: Cameron warner

Picture of Panama and neghboring countries.

Picture of Panama City

Politics of Panama

The coordinates or absolute location of panama is 8.5380° N, 80.7821° W.

Panamas size in area is 28,640 mi².

The overall population of Panama as of 2016, is 4.034 million.

This is the flag of Panama, The colors on the Panamanian Flag represent different meanings. The blue represents the Pacific Ocean and Carribean sea and the red stands for the blood spilt for Panamas independence.


Panama is a Central American country that gained freedom and independence from the country of columbia 1904. Panama has a constitutional represententive, and a democracy as a style of govermentwith three branches of goverment, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

Map View of Panama city, the capital of Panama.

A stratovolcano is a mountain type, known also as a composite volcano. A stratovolcano is a conical volcano built up by many layers of hardened magma, volcanic as, tephra, and pumice.


-Volcan Baru is the tallest mountain in panama, but it is not technically classified as a mountain.


This is Volcan Baru, a Stratovolcano

This is the Azuero peninsula a peninsula with water on almost every side.

Azuero peninsula is an extensive peninsula in southern Panama. It is surrounded by water on three sides. to the west is the Pacific ocean and Gulf of Montijo, to the east is Gulf of Panama and finaly to the south is all Pacific ocean.


Panama has many landforms but is mostly mountain. Although there are different landforms too.


The San Blas archipelago of Panama is a chain of 365 islands and cays of which 49 are inhabited. They lie off the north coast of the Panama Isthmus and are east of the Panama canal.

This is the San Blas archiepeligo, as you can see it runs almost all along Panama


Tempretures in the daytime Average in a range of 32 degrees celcius (90 fahrenheit). Evening although changes, to 21 degrees celcius(70 farenheit)


Panama is a country with a tropical maritime, and a hot, humid rainy season and short dry season.


In Panama the continous rain starts in may with constant downpour in the afternoon.

No matter what elevation you are at, Panamas temprature rarely changes more than 20 degrees.



F&F tower before known as the revolutionary tower is an office tower positioned in the capital city, Panama City. The building has 53 floors, Wow!, Big! with another 15 acres of area space on each floor Whoa Huge! the building was opened in 2011.

F&F tower, one of the top ten skyscrapers

F&F tower

Human features

Gatun lake is a man made lake in Panama. It is 166 square miles in size and was formed by damming the Chagres River. The lakes dam and spillway are key structures of the Panama canal.

This is Gatun lake, a man made lake with an island in it.

Gatun Lake 

The Panama Canal or Panama Waterway is an Isthmus that is about 48 miles long. It was made to reduce the amount of time it takes to travel around the top of South America. It was one of the biggest and hardest, engineering developements in history.

This is the Panama an artificial waterway.

Panama Canal

Copper is a main natural resource in Panama used for, conducting heat, and electricity also a building material used with other metals. The first copper mine to be developed, the Cobre copper mine which is located at about 75 miles west of Panama city. Cobre is one of the largest copper deposits in Panama.

Cobre copper management facilty.

Natural Resources


Growing Mahogany tree in Mahogany nursery.

Mahogany wood is very useful in Panama and used for exports, especially because mahogany is a very expensive wood in all parts of the world. Size: Mahogany can also reach 150-200 feet high.

Mahogany Wood

As you expected shrimp has a big affect on the food chain. For example they can be eaten by people, they get eaten by larger fish that we also eat.

Big shrimp catch in Panama


Petroleum or crude oil is one of the main industry products. It has many uses, transportation, business, gasoline and many more.

This is petroleum or oil, a main factor of business almost everywhere.



Cement. Construction, plastering, joints for pipes(etc.) are its uses it is a main business everywhere. but we're talking about Panamas cement industry. Panamas cement industry is steady with small percentage risings, but cement is not all that good it contains a greenhouse gas called carbon dioxide.

This is cement a very common business producer.


Coffee a main export and industry product of Panama

Coffee. Coffee is actually the second most valuable trade item and Coffee is so popular people consume about than 2.25 billion cups of coffee per day. Americans spend an average of about $1100 US dollars on coffee each year.


Chiquitas bananas is also one of the largest landowners in Panama as including the main banana exporter.

Picture of Chiquita banana nursery, Chiquita bananas actually count for 33% of the nations exports.

Did you know Panamanian Agriculture is pretty big 7% of Panama is under cultivation main crops consist of Cocoa Beans, and Bananas



Cocoa beans are also one of the main exports of Panama but it was not always the most valuable, the lowest value was in 1982 when the overall value for cocoa beans was actually 0$ obviously it has seen better days.

This is a cocoa bean one of the main exports of Panama

Cocoa Beans

Coconut one of the main agricultural crops of Panama

Coconuts, they look like bowling balls, they could kill you if they land on your head but, thats not the point. Agriculture is why we're here. Coconuts are one of the biggest exports and one of the main crops of Panama, Coconuts are also one of the crops that account for half of the land in Panama is dedicated to agriculture.


Panamanian coin with Urruca, Indian cheif.

Some Panamanian coins have an image of an Indian chief, Urruca who resisted spanish conquests, although most coins resemble Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the dicoverer of the Pacific ocean.

Common ingredients of typical Panamanian foods include, plantains, maize(corn), wheat flour, beef, pork, and seafood.

The Republic of Panama is a former Spanish colony of Central america mixed with Creoles, mestizos, Africans, and European immagrants

Sybolism/old currency



This is ropa vieja a popular dish in Panama

Spanish is the official language but, english is widely excepted throughout the country, especially for tourism African is also widely excepted in the nation.


Picture of Carnival. Carnival,(car-ni-vaal) a celebration you've probably heard of in the movies Rio 1 and Rio 2(blue parrot movie).

Carnival, Carnival is celebrated in Panama, Rio de Janeiro, and other places. Carnival is a widespread celebration that was started in the early 1900s and one of the carnival traditions is being sprayed by water.



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