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Texting and driving is something that the IT CAN WAIT organization is striving to demolish. 

Drivers in their 20s are 24 percent of drivers in all fatal crashes, but are 27 percent of the distracted drivers and 33 percent of the distracted drivers that were using cell phones in fatal crashes.

Especially in the younger generation.

The IT CAN WAIT campaign started bout five years ago so its fairly new but their effort have been noticeable in the community

so far 21,080,527 members have joined.

The state law and national law states that the use of cell phones is prohibited for being used while driving. Driving and using cell phones could caues you to be arrested or even an accident.

The mission of IT CAN WAIT is to show people the real consequences of their actions and how they affect others we dont just live here alone. It is also to urge younger drivers to put ther pjones down and watch the road.

Which is more important to you?