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Hi Project BESTERS!
As we continue through the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester I hope that you have settled in your classes and are doing well.  In the first short weeks after the fall semester began we have put in place several new programs to adapt to your educational and professional needs. We have established several professional and career readiness programs to improve and support you in reaching your full potential.  You should have received an email from me detailing these programs and how to get involved.  If you did not receive it, please contact me and I would forward it to you.
We encourage you to continue to take advance of our services; Tutoring, Mentoring, Academic Coaching and advising, study space, and study materials (and much more).  We have some new and wonderful staff on board to assist. If there is any assistance that I or the Project BEST staff can offer, please contact us.
Mrs. Rita Simpson
Assistant Director, Project BEST

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9.8.16 Social Networking Strategies

Student Development and Enrollment Services

UCF Events to Note!

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Howard Phillips Hall 208


Vol.1, Num.2 

Sept 2016

Welcome Back Reception Recap

UCF Campus Spotlight:

Office of Student Involvement

Thanks to all our scholars who attended this event.  This was our first event of the fall 2016 semester.  New and returning scholars had the opportunity to meet Project BEST Staff, and other scholars within the program.  Connections were made and friendships were developed. 
The event covered scholar’s program requirements, a review of services and programs, and what to expect during the fall 2016 semester.  Also, two new initiatives where introduced: Learning Communities (Government & Non-Profit, Parent & Family, Health Professions, and DKnights) and Certificate Programs (Career Readiness, Financial Literacy, and Professional School Preparation).  Scholars had the opportunity to sign up for tutoring sessions too. 
In addition to the information received scholars enjoyed a delicious lunch in a relaxing atmosphere.  100% of the scholars that attended strongly agreed that this experience enhanced their college experience. 

The mission of the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) is to provide quality programs, services, and leadership opportunities that enrich students’ academic endeavors and enhance the campus environment. Students and staff collaborate to develop programs and services which encourage student’s personal growth, to promote civic responsibility, to embrace differences, and to connect students to the campus and the community.

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

The Office of Student Involvement is located in the Student Union, 2nd floor Suite 208. They house several agencies and all of the student organizations on campus. OSI is a great way to find out information about various student organizations on campus and become involved. Make sure to visit them!

Student Development and Enrollment Services

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

Scholars have been placed into speciific Learning Communities and have received an email in regard to their community programming.

Judith received a Florida Executive Women's (FEW) scholarship of $3,000 through the TEACH grant this past summer that will help towards her Bachelor's degree. The program requires students to have a financial need, be full time at  UCF or the Hamilton Holt School of Rollins College, and a resident of Orange, Brevard, Seminole, Lake, Volusia or Osceola County. The purpose of FEW is to provide a form for distinguished professionals to discuss social issues, develop business opportunities, and share experiences which further a member's goals and objectives.

Careers in Health Professions

The Careers in Health Professions Learning Community brings together students seeking to enter healthcare fields after graduation. Scholars interested in pursuing careers as Physician’s Assistants, Physical Therapists, Speech & Language Pathologists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and related fields will come together to discuss graduate school admission, career fields, and ways to make themselves morecompetitive in the graduate admissions process.


The DKnights Learning Community welcomes Project BEST’s future medicaldoctors and dentists together to learn more about how to prepare themselves for medical and dental school. Topics will include how to prepare to be competitive, MCAT/DAT strategies, funding your medical educations and researching graduate programs.

Learning COmmunities

Careers in Government & Non-Profit Work

The Careers in Government and Non-Profit Work Learning Community will bring together scholars seeking to enter federal and foreign service with those interested in working in the non-profit sector. Topics discussed will include obtaining federal careers, getting connected to non-profit organizations, networking and interviewing

Parent & Family Group

The Parents & Family Learning Community will give parents the opportunity to come together to network, socialize and share their experiences as parents and college students.

Student Spotlight

Judith Cardona

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Scholars we understand that your schedules are bustling with class assignments, extracurricular activities, tutoring sessions, nap time, and more! Here's a quick reminder of some of our events going on this month so you don't miss out!

September Events


Position Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Academic Coach Kristen Guske 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM  
Academic Coach Barbara Vehabovic     12PM-5PM 12PM-5PM  
Peer Tutor Johnathon Fabrizio   10AM-1PM 10AM-12PM 10AM-1PM  
Peer Tutor Katsiaryna Khatskevich 2:30PM-5PM   2:30PM-5PM   2:30PM-5PM

Project BEST Tutor Schedule

Individual Academic Plan

Scholars remember to schedule a visit with a coordinator and/or academic coach to go over your IAP for the semester! You can schedule an appointment via email, phone, or Skype for M-F, 8am-4pm.

Academic Deadlines

Housing Payment Deadline | September 9


For information about payments please visit

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

Study Day Session

Sept. 14 11:30am-12:30pm SU 222

Certificate Programs:
Financial Literacy

Budgeting & Tracking
Your Money

Sept. 21 11:30am-12:20pm SU 221

Learning Community:
Careers in Government &
Non-Profit Work

Career Research Strategies

Sept. 14 2pm-3pm SU 121

Student Development and Enrollment Services