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terry has problem .how will he solve it?

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Terry the turtle.

by Joel R phillips


Chapter 1

The big boom

Once upon a time there was a turtle named Terry. Terry owned the largest garden in notinrealifetopia. He grew all kinds of exotic plants including:

Rare dragontamer fruit, mossopolis carrots and avacato fruit.

He and his friend Steve the stingray had  been trying the food to make sure it was ripe when they heard a “BOOM BOOM".


Chapter 2

The big problem

Terry had thought that one of his plants fell but was stumped when he found that there was a hole right next to the departure zone.

he yelled “bob!!”

but nobody answered.

So he yelled again


But to his surprise nobody answered ,again

So he went to the hole grabbed a ladder and went down



Chapter 3

The wind is evil

It was a long fall down after the wind swooped Terry off his ladder.

But as he was falling somebody yelled “ACTVATE” and a giant pillow like thing opened right under him . He thought it was he could sit there all day but just then someone of an unfamiliar voice Yelled

“come on we have to hurry to the king!”

terry said drowsily “huh who said that?” “me , Kiro .” “Who?”

“ugh. never mind, get up. Before the guards come.”


Chapter 4

The great (sort of)


As terry was making his way to this “king”

He saw many plants cooler than his and Kiro could explain them all.

And he did.

After a while of many head aches and delicious food samples Kiro and Terry finally made it to a huge city with a castle in it. Terry said “oh no. no more customers”. And bolted away from the city but he was blocked by two big hairy gorillas on rhinos.

Terry screamed “AAHHHHHHHH”

And shot under the rhinos he made it to the cave opening when it shu- Terry woke with a start he was screaming


Steve was shaking him and saying “wake up! wake up!”

And they lived happily ever for 2 minuets.