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A Man's 


is His Fate

        - Aristotle 


Hello and thanks for visiting my new site Empower Connection. My name is Tracy Taylor, the editor  and founder. Who am I? A frustrated citizen probably just like you.  

My site is ultimately a destination to empower you to plug into whatever is important in your life and over time I will be providing a wide variety of tools in which to do just that. At the moment however, the political climate is what motivated me to plug in myself.

Most important, it is not my goal to have blinders on regarding our president or take a partisan stand against Republicans or Democrats. Personally, I am a 'middle of the road' independent. 

Having been party however to many presidential elections throughout my lifetime, this one has upended everything I have believed about the American people, our country and our government. This sounds a bit dramatic but if our checks and balance system does not kick in soon, I fear we are on the road to the fall of America if we continue down this path. 

On the bright side, this time is a blessing in disguise and a wake up call to fight for America.

First and foremost, I do get it. I do understand the disgruntled Americans who has been sick of politics as usual and I do understand how Donald Trump won the White House. Frustration over the partisan logjam in Washington, the career politicians who forgot that they are in congress to serve us, and the pervading issue of money, influence and pay to play politics. 

This book is a compilation to merely remind us of everything that has continued to happen to degrade our country.