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On a planet far away from Earth, called Pizza Planet, where different colored aliens lived, Napoleon, a yellow alien intended on killing the leader, a small white kitten named Snowball. Napoleon believed that the planet would be a better place if he was ruling. All the aliens on the planet admired Snowball. Although the aliens were uneducated, they knew he was a good leader. The only educated alien was an old, wise alien named Benjamin. Right now, Snowball was trying to build a school house for the planet, but they just didn't have the materials. Napoleon knew it was gonna happen at one point, so he was gonna get rid of Snowball, so he can take the planet into his control. Old Major is an old, wise alien who lead the aliens to the planet and is entering his final days. All the animals were uneducated, except for Napoleon, Squealer, Snowball, and Benjamin, but he didn’t show it often. The next day , Snowball was gone. and Snowball had a sword fight. Snowball won and regained his control. Napoleon got the control he wanted and was very cruel to the rest of the aliens.

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