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In this world it has always just been black and white when it came to good and bad.

Angels and Demons have always been seen as black and white.. The angels are the protecters, the messagers, the savores..

And the Demons were just part of Satans army to do his bidding..

How ever, Its much more then that.

Heaven and Hell are real, but they are in a different world then our own.

In this world they are always at war with eachother.. As well as the monsters as we know to day,

Such as Vampires, Werewolves and witches.. They all live in this world How ever,

They have found a way to cross threw a gate to allow them to go into the world we know as Earth.

Earth is a simple place.. How ever, Heaven and Hell hold magical properties that Earth have very little of,

So any creatures that come to Earth will only have what power level they come with.. Once they are out- they are out.

When they have no magic powers at all, Angels and Demons, as well as everything else, have a normal human form..

But they are able to get their powers back by feeding off of thing..

For Angels, They feed off of the emotional energy of Happiness, Hope, Joy- .. All good emotions humans have to off..

Where Demons feed off of the negative emotions.. The main one being fear that will grant them the most power.. And devouring souls.

.. Though there is a catch... They will only be able to store so much of that power away. For the longer they are out of they home world, they quicker their power will fade.

For Angels to keep their full powers on Earth they would have to do something seen worthing, Such as giving their own life away for a human.

Demons on the other hand is as simple as taking away someones life.. But it has to be of someone who loves them.

Both can be very strong as well as feared.. For Not all Angels are good, And not all Demons are bad.

Most people dont understand this, most just refuse to believe it.. How ever,

If an Angel is bad, If an Angel kills and starts to devour souls of humans, They become fallen and cant return to heaven.

If a Demon saves a human by giving their own life, They become a guardian and cant go back to hell.

Both can be bad, both can be good.. The Humans only have to go by what has been handed down to them from the past on this.

exorcist and other holy subjects will talk about angels and demons, How angels can become fallen but never about demons becoming good.

But little do they know there are more demons and angels on Earth then they know. Only a human who has been touched or injuried by a angel or demon can see them.. Or

If the angel or demon choices to show themselves. With all of this said.. Satan himself as been wanting to take over Earth. But his subjects can only last so long before they have to return to hell,

So he had a plane.. He had a few of his demonic women from hell, Go to earth and have their babies born in that world.. His own children.

He wanted to see if being born on Earth would change the effect of their powers.. and it did.

He found out that when a child born into the world that is not human, Will have a human form.. How ever they was able to gain magic with out help.

Later it was seen that when these childern feed on a soul or on humans bad emotions, Their power not only grew but they would also turn into their true demonic forms...

This pleased Satan.. and this started the first montion of his planes to taking over earth.

How ever, since he could leave Hell to see his kids, And the mothers had stayed there until they died on Earth looking after them..

Satan was going to wait until one of them fully unleashed their demon side and killed off the human race. Once that would start, Satan would make his next move.. To take over Heaven.

.. People would say, Why not just go to Heaven and leave earth alone?.. Well because the fear and souls demons can get from the humans... If the intake is high enough... That said demon would be unstoppable.

He had also planed on having his own solders come to Earth and attack the kids to make them use their powers more.

Children of Satan are called Devils.. Devils have a lot of abilities. they have inhuman strength, speed, Some have great eye sight and hearing. They can teleport and even make their own pocket of dimensions.

They can also fly as while having their own bit of spell type magic on them. It really varies between Devil to Devil.. but their possibles are endless.

How ever, Anything holy can still take them down, wither it just weakens them or a sight injury.. If you know what your doing, you could end a Devil's life.

Riku, the first son of satan.

Race: Ice Devil.

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Fly/Hover. Hypnosis.

Power from Ice Demon's side: Control over ice and can make ice. Ice wings that allows him to fly faster. Cold has no effect on him.

Power from the two fused: If his ice impales someone it can suck the soul out of them if left in long enough.

Weakness from Devil's side: Any holy items

Weakness from Ice Demon's side: Fire or anything hot can weaken him and critically injure him. 

Riku's True form

Ichiro, second son of satan, Twin of Rei.

Race: Shadow Devil.

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Fly/Hover.

Power from Shadow Demon's side: Can control his shadow's shadow. The shadows shadow is nearly clear, One with a untrained eye would have a very hard time seeing it. But when he uses this power its as if you would be fighting two of him, just one you can only see shimmers of if you look close enough.

Power from the two fused: His strength doubles when using his power against one person. He can grab into someones own shadow and make them feel pain but can not kill them .. Yet.

Weakness: Any holy items. 

Ichiro's true form

Rei, The second son of Satan, Ichiro's twin.

Race: Shadow Devil.

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Dimensional space pockets. 

Power from Shadow Demon's side: Can control the shadows around him and even someone's own shadow. He can also hear and see everything as long as a shadow is near that source of sound. If someone is to come near him he can go into their own shadow and not only hear their thoughts and see their past. at night he grows very strong.

Power from the two fused: His body is able to become a black like fog, This makes physical attacks very hard to get threw to him how ever, if something holy was put on him or if he was out in daylight he will not be able to do this.

Weakness from Devil's side: Any holy items.
Weakness from Shadow demon's side: Daylight weakness him greatly.

Rei's True form

Kii. Third son of satan.

Race: Necromancer Devil

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Fly/Hover. Hypnosis.

Power from Necromancer side: He can raise the dead/summon corpses to do his bidding, How ever thats only when the bodies are near for him to reanimate. He does have a very wide casting range. He can only reanimate 25 bodies at once, But if its a full moon his power can grow greatly and he can reanimate 100 bodies and even demons. In his true form he can only summon Demons, With his wings he can fly fast but if anything touches his wings, they will wither away.

Power from the two fused: If someone is completely weakened or they are not aware, He can take their soul out of their body with a touch of his finger to their skin. This is something he has full control over so he doesnt just kill someone randomly.

Weakness: Anything holy.

Kii's true form.

Sora, Fourth son of satan.

Race: Ghoul Devil.

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Telekinesis.

Power from Ghoul side: His strength is twice as strong compared to any of his brothers, He can heal his injuries, Even more fast when he eat human flesh. He has a very good sense of smell and can pick up someones scent from miles away. Because of his strength as well, He can jump very high as well as take on a speeding car head on and stop it.

Power from the two fused: When in his true form Sora's body will heal the moment it is injured. In his true from Sora does have a tail like thing, it is black and it looks as if it has a blade on it, It may not look long but it can reach out half a mile to strike someone down.

Weakness from the Devil's side: Any holy item

Weakness from the Ghoul side: Human food will make him very sick. 

Sora's true form

Hitoshi, the fifth son of satan.

Race: Incubus Devil

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Fly/Hover. Hypnosis.

Power from  Incubus side: He can suck the souls out of humans once they are very lustful or pleasured, How ever he only takes very small amounts that will be enough for him to live off of. If he continues to take a soul from someone over and over again he can end up turning them into a mindless puppet. When he has his wings out he is able to fly very fast.

Power from the two fused: If he makes eye contact with someone and it doesnt break quick enough he can charm them. Charming them lets him able to control the other how ever, the other is still fully aware on whats going on.

Weakness from Devil's side: any holy item

Weakness from Incubus side: Daylight

Hitoshi's true form

Akira, The sixth son of satan.

Race: Devil Warlock

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Dimensional space pockets.

Power from Warlock side: Can cast spells, Most of them that he knows are labeled as forbidden black magic, He can take someones life in replace for someone else. He can also revive someone. There is one spell he likes to use in combat thats called Inferno Nova, which is a serious of red magic circles that will appear around the casters target and explode in a massive fire ball. He can also summon creatures and control them.

Power from the two fused: Dimensional Mirror, Its a spell he has be able to make using both his sides, Making more then one door dimension open. On the other side will have the casters target. So when something is shot at Akira, When he uses this spell it will send it right back the other only in multiple shots at once.

Weakness: Any holy items

Akira's true form.

The only thing that really changes are his eyes.

Yuki, seventh son of satan.

Race: Guardian Devil

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Fly/Hover.

Power from Guardian Angel's side: When his wings are out he can fly very fast. He can hear peoples thoughts willingly, How ever He can hear them unwillingly when someone is in need of help. When someone is in need of help he can already see their location. He has a sharp shooters eye as well as skill with a gun, When can not use his gone he can summon a holy bow and shot holy light arrows.

Power from the two fused: He only does this as a last resort, But if he is to weak against someone, He will use his holy bow and shot himself in the chest, This will cause him to change into his 2nd true farm, which allows him to use a scythe and his power is twice as strong, How ever, He loses his wings and holy items are twice as strong on him.

Weakness:   Some holy things, can still harm him. He cant kill anyone at all.

Yuki's true form

Yuki's 2nd form

Eden, Eighth Son of Satan.

Race: Zombie Devil

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation. Hypnosis.

Power from Zombie side:  He is very strong, He is able to use his limbs even if they have been ripped off, He can heal fast as well. When in the dark he is strong enough to take on a car and even throw one. He has very good hearing, sense of smell and at night, He can see very clear.

Power from the two fused: He is able to use Hypnosis threw singing, Making it easy for him to make everyone he sings to go after someone, Or lullaby them to sleep.

Ability: twice as strong as his brothers, He can heal very quick as well as even use parts of his body when they have been ripped off of him. He can teleport and use Hypnosis.

Weakness of the Devils side: Any holy items

weakness of the zombie side: Daylight does weaken him.

Eden's True form

Izo. Ninth son of satan.

Race: Arachne Devil

Power from Devil's side: Teleportation.

Power from Arachne side: He is very fast on land and can jump 50 stories high in the air and stay air bond for some time. He can also climb up walls, Builds with no issue just like a spider. He can make a web that is very thick and strong enough to stop a full speed moving train. He has very good hearing, sight and smell. If something is in his web or just touching it, He can tell. This also works if he puts a small web on someone, Its like tagging someone, He will be able to track you down very fast.

Power from the two fused: He is able to talk to Natures creatures, as well as make everything in his web teleport with him when he teleport's. Anyone who has a small web on them, Izo can teleport to them.

Weakness of the devils side: Anything holy.

Weakness of the Arachne side: Fire.

Izo's true form.