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Law of syllogism

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If you make good grades

By Kyndall Mobley

If you make good grades in school, then you will pass your classes

If you pass all your classes, then you will graduate from high school.

If you graduate from high school, you will get into a good college

If you get into a good college, then you will get a good job

If you get a good job, then you will get good pay

If you get good pay, then you will be financially stable

If you are financially stable, then you won't have to worry about debt

If you don't have to worry about debt, then you will be less stressed

If you are less stressed, then you will have FUN!

After you have fun, you will go home

Once you go home, you will take a shower

If you take a shower, you will feel tired

Once you feel tired, you will take a nap

Once you wake up from your nap, you will feel relaxed

If you make good grades, then you will feel relaxed