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             To Kill a


      Kandis Hunter
    Kennedy Sullivan 

    Scottsboro Boys 

By : Harper Lee

  1. The doctor hired strengthened the case for the defense, he indicated that neither of the women had evidence or attitude of gang rape when examined. 
  2. During the trial, Sam Liebowitz uncovered the work of Vitoria Price, Sam Liebowitz found out that she was a prostitute traveling on the train for “immoral purposes” which was illegal. 
  3. Before Sam Liebowitz rested the case, Ruby Bates came forward and told the judge she had never met the boys before the trial. 
  4. After the case, many of the boys who were accused of raping the two women developed drinking problems, contracted tuberculosis in prison, suffered from depression and mental illness. 
  5. A few of the boys were coerced into confessing to the crime after they received repeated beatings in jail. 

Little Known Black History Fact: The Case of the Scottsboro Boys | Black America Web



The Scottsboro Boys and their lawyer inside of the jail cell.

Police escorting two of the freed Scottsboro Boys.

The Scottsboro Boys outside of court.


Importance to the Time Period?

  • There were two major U.S. Supreme Courts ruling in ths case: one upheld a defendant’s right to effective counsel under due process; other’s didn’t really feel it mattered because of race. Scottsboro: A Civil Rights Milestone - WNYC
  • The fight to free the Scottsboro Boys was most important anti-racists battles of the 1930s and 1940s. It exposed the extreme racism of American “justice.” The Scottsboro Boys case |



Relation To The Book?


  •  The Scottsboro Boys Trial has a relation to the book To Kill A Mocking Bird because the narrator of the book witnesses a trial in the book that has many similarities as the Scottsboro Boys Trial.



  • The trial also has a relation to the book because in the time setting of the trial there was racism, and where the narrator lived racism also took place.