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Media Project for UNICEF

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UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. UNICEF was founded in 1946 by the United Nations in response to starving European children. Their goal was to provide healthcare, food, and other necessities to these children. In 1953 the UN decides to allow UNICEF to continue to work indefinitely. UNICEF began working on also improving educational opportunities for children in 1961.UNICEF would continue to help children by getting Convention on the Rights of a Child to be adopted by the UN or when they started the Say Yes for Children campaign in 2001 which would gather the people's support to put pressure on the world to improve the lives of children.

UNICEF's Origin

UNICEF's mission statement is to continue to promote opportunities for children whether that be by improving their health care, providing access to food, encouraging education, or whatever else is needed.

UNICEF's Mission Statement

In general UNICEF is constantly helping children around the world but here are a few of their more specific achievements. The UNICEF was able to get the UN General Assembly to put into place the Declaration of the Rights of a Child which states the rights that children have to various needs. They were able to win the Nobel Peace prize in 1965. The UNICEF was able to convince the UN to hold a Convention on the Rights of a Child. A study by the UNICEF called "Adjustment with a Human Face" sparked a debate on how woman and children should be protected.

UNICEF's Accomplishments