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This booklet is about Ollie Johnston's life, creations and memories he made while working and not working with Disney Studio.

Ollie Johnston: The Animator With a Special Touch

By: Angeline Lu

Who is Ollie Johnston? 

Why is he important?


        Ollie Johnston Was one of the Nine Old Men who worked with Walt Disney. He was an animator who affected everyone that knew him. His animations expressed true feelings and brought feelings to  the audience as well. He is important becuase he was able to add a special feelings to his animations without using extreme actions. To him, subtlety was important and using it, he was able to bring many heartfelt ideas to life.  


Why is the Article  About Him


       Ollie Johnston was one of Disney's top animators. He brought a completely new way of animation into reality. One that shows an overwhelming amount of emotion using the smallest of actions and expressions. He brought a lasting legacy to everyone he met.


The Life of Ollie 

before his Career


   Oliver Johnston Jr. was born in Palo Alto, CA. His father was a professor at Stanford University. He always loved art, but becuase of palsy, he wasn't encoursaged to. As a child, he was very sensitive to emotions. In 1931, he went to college at Stanford. He became to go deeper and deeper into art, even joining the Stanford Chaparral. It was there he met Frank Thomas, his lifelong best friend. After graduating in 1934, Ollie went to the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. He loved the school and loved the teachers. In 193, one of his teachers, Don Graham, recommended that he try out for Disney.Ollie did and got the job on January 21, 1935. His whole life was about to change. 


 With Disney


           Ollie started as just a cleanup artist. Soon though, he found a mentor that he grew to love very much.During the time he became Fred Moore's assistant, Fred Moore and many other animators were working on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Johnston was the head assistant that was working on the dwarfs with Fred Moore. After the movie, Disney promoted Ollie to be a full animator. Ollie's first big animation was with Mickey Mouse in The Brave Little Tailor. After that he was put on the team that was working on Pinocchio. Ater that, he worked on Fantasia, mainly the cupids and centaurettes. In 1943 he and Marie Worthy, a paint and ink girl he fell in love with, got married and had two sons.Once Fantasia was finished, he started to work on a very hard project, Bambi. Even it was a  challenging movie, the task being to show realistic, yetvey personified animals, Ollie was able to add his sensitivity to make many scenes priceless.  




 More About Ollie

More About Him


         Ollie Johnston did many more important scenes and characters ( such as the step-sisters in Cinderella). Although many were challenging, he overcame many challenges, each time putting his own version of charm into everything. After  Walt Disney's death in 1996, many of the animators lost their touch, but Ollie found motivation even through this hard time. He kept the studio together though there was fighting. He died on April 14, 2008, still keeping his legacy with us.


1912-Born in Palo Alto, CA on 10/13

1931-Goes to Stanford and meets Frank 

1934-Goes to Chouinard Art Institiute

1935-Tries out for Disney and gets in on 1/21 

1936- Becomes Fred Moore's assistant and works on Snow White 


1939-World War 2 and Bambi is made and finished

1943-Marries Marie Worthy and has 2 sons

1950s- diresting animator if many more movies such as Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Robin Hood

1996-Walt Disney dies and studio falls into chaos


2008-dies in Washington on 4/14 at age 95



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