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He is a famous animator, he created South Park, he is the one the only ,Trey Parker.


In this booklet i'll be showing you about a famous animator named Trey Parker. He created South Park, Team America World Police(movie), and many others.  

The reason why I picked Trey parker is because South Park is one of my favorite shows and I want to know why he created South Park.

He met Matt Stone( co- creator of south park)while in college at University of Colorado at Boulder.

He and Matt Stone were asked to make a animated cristmas card for fox-lab exective Brian Graden. The short film called The Sprit Of Christmas, then lead to a hit comedy called South Park.

Trey Parker was born on October 19, 1969 in Confier ,Colorado


He and Matt Stone made millions off of South Park, and other movies and animations

Souht Park was created in 1997, and they still air this show.

Fun Facts about Trey Parker

While in UCB he got a major in music and japanese. 

While at the 72nd Acaemy Awards Trey Parker wore a low cut, green dress Popularized y Jennifer Lopez.

He married Boogie Tillman in 2013- present

This is a quotes by Trey Parker

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