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                     Making Wishes Come True!




The wish-granting movement began in Phoenix, Arizona when two law enforcement officers learned about a young boy, Chris Greicius, who yearned to be a police officer, but would probably die of leukemia at age seven. With permission from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Officer Ron Cox and U.S. Customs Agent Tommy Austin began to make that dream come true.



From then 1991-2000 the Make-A-Wish


Foundation grew very fast and spread. 



The Make-A-Wish Foundation has


their headquarters located in Phoenix, AZ


The founders are Scott StahlLinda Bergendahl-


PaulingFrank Shankwitz


How it all Started



The mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation is to


grant the wishes of children with life-threatening


medical conditions to enrichthe human experience with hope,


strength and joy.


The children that the Make-A-Wish Foundation serves


have very lifethreatening sicknesses.



The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps children going


through treatment and who might not survive their


sickness by granting almost anything they can wish for


to help the children and their families granting the wish


that the child



Mission Statement


I fully support the Make-A-Wish Foundation and I love


everything that they are doing. The reasons I support the 


Make-A-Wish Foundation are the following; 



1. Make-A-Wish helps a wide variety of children


and families, regardless of their backgrounds and


situations difficult time in their life. 



2. Make-A-Wish helps a wide variety of children and


families, regardless of their backgrounds and situations.



3. Make-A-Wish is filled with kind and generous people


who truly care about making a difference.




4.Wish Kids help to bring out the best in their


communities. Their stories are an inspiration to all.



My favorite part of all of this though, is that Make-A-Wish has


granted wishes for over 250,000 children and the numbers are


still going up  every day!


Every small donation and every little or big act of


support makes a big diffrence.













Why To Support The Make-A-Wish Foundation