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This is a artical of Glen Keane


 This artical explains what he does/what he did in his past when he worked with walt disney. He still to this day makes outstanding animations/ scketches... The artical is also about his animations he is working on called the duet.


    Glen Keane was born on april 3rd 1954 philadelphia pennsylvania...

Glen Keanes dad was also an animator but he made and wrote books like the family sircus


famous animator 

by:brandon reeves 


    Glen Keane was an awesome animator that worked for and with walt disney... Making many movies, such as tangled,tarzan, arial, and beauty and the beast... but he has done much much more.


   I chose Glen Keane because he worked with walt disney, and i am a huge fan of disney. When i read he worked with/for walt disney i did more research and i found out he made  my favorite movie when i was really young, TARZAN!!!!!

Glen Keane 

by:brandon reeves    

Thease are some of Glen Keanse sketches for his movies




this is aladdin and jasmi n one of his movies he animated and drew.