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United States Housing Authority




One of the successful programs that made the New Deal possible.

The USHA was designed to lend money to the state's communities for low-cost construction for those that were not wealthy.

The USHA was created in 1937 and ended in 1941.


The purpose of the USHA was to lend money to the communities for low-cost construction. The USHA was one of many programs that was a reform. Homes were designed at low-cost for homeless people.

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The USHA is not around today, but there are many programs that have many similarities. One program that had similar features to the USHA is the Federal Housing Administration. The Federal Housing Administration was created around the same time as the USHA. 

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The United States Housing Authority is a federal agency that was created during the 1930's in the US department of interior by the Housing Act of 1937 as a part of the New Deal. It was designed to lend money to the state's communities for low-cost construction.

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  • In the years leading up to FDR’s second term, twelve and a half million workers were unemployed, nine thousand banks closed, and new home construction dropped 95 percent below the 1920s rate.

  • Young Franklin was an only child of very wealthy parents; he grew up on an estate in New York’s Hudson Valley.


    Young Franklin was also related to his own wife. Eleanor Roosevelt was Theodore Roosevelt’s brother’s daughter. Since her father had passed away, Eleanor was walked down the aisle on her wedding day in 1905 by the president himself, Uncle Teddy.

  • Young Franklin also had a hard time adjusting to school. He was taught at home until the age of 14. He later went to Harvard.

  • He rekindled his relationship with Eleanor, and the two became engaged on November 22, 1903.

  •  Roosevelt was average academically, but very, very active socially. He was editor of the college newspaper, graduated in three years, and later passed his bar exam without finishing his law degree.

  •  After a brief law career, Franklin entered politics as a Democrat. His famous relative, Teddy, was a Republican.

  • He became the assistant secretary of the Navy during World War I.

  • When Roosevelt ran for president in 1932, it wasn’t his first time on a presidential ticket. In 1920, he ran for vice president on the Democratic ticket that featured James Cox as president.

  • After his vice presidential defeat, Roosevelt contracted what was diagnosed as polio in 1921 while on vacation in Canada. He was paralyzed from the waist down ever since. Roosevelt didn’t give up his political career, and in 1928 he was elected the governor of New York.

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