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By: jayden smith

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Dedicated to: Mrs. scott.

by: jayden smith


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publish on February 6, 2017 in Mrs Scotts reading class

Chapter 1: where chimps live pg.6


chapter2: What size it and is it a 


vertebrate or in vertebrate pg.8


Chapter3: eating habits pg.10


Chapter4: adaptations pg.12


Chapter5: desciption of chimps pg.14


Chapter6: interesting facts pg.16

table of contents

 well it lives in the continent of Africa. I now that the only contnent that they can found. So the only way to see one in a different continent is if you bring it with you.   and also if i didn't say they are in canopy.

where chimps live 

       chapter 1


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If you didn't know a chimpanzee is a vertebrate. because it has a skelton and a backbone. They also can be 75 or 130 pounds.

what size is it and is it a vertebrate or is it a invertebrate

                            chapter 2

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A chimpanzee eating habits are meat and plants. their diet is leaves eggs fruit and small mammels 

eating habits

                         chapter 3

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                                      chapter 4

These are a few of the chimps adaptations. The chimps can fish for their food. They also can communicate from far range. They have strong relationships. chimpanzees have to have war to survive.

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 These are the desciptions of a chimp. The chimps face is pink or black. They are coverd in fur. Chimps have a lack of tail. And they also walk on 4 limbs.

     Desciptions of chimpanzees     

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interesting facts 

                            chapter 6

 Chimpanzees have other interesting facts. Did you know that chimps are omnivores. They hunt for other monkeys too. They also hunt for other small animals for the meat.

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The auther wants to imform you about chimps 

My name is jayden smith and i am 11 years old. My book is about chimpanzees. And go to montana magnet.

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