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About my mom's and dad's side of the family

My mom came form ethiopia and my dad came from sudan.Growing up my mom had 10 sibilings she was the 11th one in the family,And the youngest one.Living in ethiopia  my mom said she lived a decent lifetyle.My grandpa owned a farm, So they grew their things organic.and didnt have to go anywhere to get there food like most people living their did.My mom says back when she was living in ethiopia her worst memory was the war that happened she said alot of suvliens  died that day,and some childeren were left without a parent, Or parents.The war is what led to her coming here it was to dangerous.My uncle was in the war that went on a while back,And he is still alive today,But he has parts of the bulet inside his shoulder I talked to him once over the phone while he was in the hospital in gamballea ethiopia I asked him about the war he said it was hard seeing the dead people laying on the floor as he pasted by them.he said that his friend he knew for a long time ever since they were young died in his arms that was the hardest thing having to keep going and leaving him down he said.

About my mom's side of the family

About my dad's side of the famiy 

my dad growing up had 8 sibilings and he was the middle child in the family.He grew up in sudan my dads family back in africa was known as the royals.Becuase in sudan they had a monachry  government,And my great grandpa was the govenment,So it ran through the family beofore he was born my dads side of the family has been the leasder for awhile now,The role of leading the country was pasted down from generation to generation,And my dad even got to lead because my grandpa pasted away,And he chose my older uncle to be the leader but four years later my uncle ended up passing away,And then my dad got a chance to be the next leader after him he started in 2008 to 2012 then he passed away due to a heart condition,So now my third youngest uncle is nowe the leader of the country he comes back and forth to america,And africa when i found out about my dads side of the family and the royalty it was pretty interesting.

getting married in both sudan and ethiopia its not like any regular marriage you hear of you have to give you brides family with cattle.the cattle recived by the brides family is like a payment..the cattle are held during berothal a betrothal is a engagement promise to get married and to stay faithful to eachother here they may call it vows. after the wedding the bride will be escorted by her peers to the grooms village..After the first baby is born the bride has to move back in her familys house hold until the baby is at least more then 6 months,Then she is allowesd to move back with the grooms in his village.


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