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Hello! This is my online booklet highlighting what makes me "curiously creative" for my DeVries Global internship application. Open it up! "Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people." - Leo Burnett

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Hello, I'm Karen .

Ever since I was a wee little tot, I've always been driven by a burning curiosity to know more about everything. I was the kid who asked too many questions, the kid who did x instead of y just to see what would happen, the kid who checked out all the DK Eyewitness books at the local library.


I've come a long way since my adolescent self, but I certainly haven't lost my sense of rambunctiousness, curiosity and adventure. Without all of those qualities, I certainly wouldn't be the open and creative person I am now. In this booklet, you'll find some pictures that sum up my passions, who I am, as well as few recent highlights/adventures/antics in my life that I think perfectly capture my creative curiosity.


Open me up!

Graphic Design

I love expressing my creativity through graphic design. I'm especially drawn to flowers and geomatric patterns, so I often feature them in my designs. This is my cover page from my final portfolio booklet for my "Graphic Design for PR" class, in which various projects I completed throughout the semester were showcased in this booklet. I will be sending in a few more samples with my cover letter and resume to you, please check those out!

Clothing Design

Freshman year of college, I opened my own Etsy shop called AVAKADO. I've always been curious about trending fashion, and so I decided to combine my love of fashion and my passion for DIY clothing. My designs featured cut-outs, studding and ombre dip-dye. Everything in my store was dyed, studded and made by me with love!

I absolutely love culture and people, which is why I chose to major in both public relations and anthropology. I think one of the best outlets for curiosity is through traveling, and one of the best ways to learn is through traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people! This semester, I’m studying abroad in Madrid. I came to Spain to improve my Spanish, immerse myself in a different culture and gain worldly experience (though it feels like most of the “worldly experience” I have gained so far has manifested itself in pounds from me eating my way through Europe, but no complaints there). 20 countries and counting!



World Travels

During the summers of 2013 and 2014, I was a residential counselor (RC) for a summer camp for gifted and talented teens called Duke TIP (Talent Idenfitication Program). This job always kept me on my toes, but the best part was being able to utilize my creativity to design door decorations, flyers and t-shirts and come up with fun programming for the campers. Some of my favorite activities that I came up with were "DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Twig Necklaces" (featured on the right), "Harry Potter Night" (making homemade butterbeer and cauldron cakes and watching Harry Potter) and "Fondue Night" (making cheese and chocolate fondue).



Working as a Residential Counselor

Creations as an RC!

Some of My

I've always been incredibly inclined to the arts. Performing arts, visual arts, name it, I did it. I started out with piano, and once I got a taste for the arts, I had an unsatiable curiosity and hunger for more. I ended up picking up violin, theatre, dance, art and choir.

I'm a classically trained violinist, and violin is definitely one of my biggest passions in life. Funnily enough, I highly disliked playing violin at first, but as time went on and I became much better musician, my love of violin also grew. I still play in an chamber ensemble at the University of Miami, and I occasionally teach little kids violin.

My Love of Everything Arts-Related

Beauty/Makeup Artistry

Beauty is definitely one of my biggest passions. I absolutely love doing other people's makeup because everybody's features vary in shape, size and color, and it's always a fun challenge for me to work with a different person's face. I know what works for my own face, but I am always curious as to how to apply makeup in the most flattering manner on other people. I'm able to express my creativity through doing makeup, and I also love seeing people's genuine positive reactions after doing their makeup. It brings me an incredible sense of joy and happiness!

A face is like a canvas for me to express my creativity.

I think these photos will give you a pretty good idea of my personality. To address a few questions you may have after seeing these pictures: 1. Yes, that is a unicorn onesie. 2. Yes, I made a miniature replica hat for my turtle. 3. Yes, that is a Spam outfit. 4. Yes, I am dressed up as a bottle of Sriracha. 5. Yes, that is me fervently hugging a llama and getting no love back.

General Shenanigans

I leave you with a picture of me getting eaten by a camel in Tangiers, Morocco. Curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to get up and close with the camel for a quality selfie, but then it apparently decided I was really tasty. At least my original goal of getting a quality selfie was fulfilled.


Thank you so much for viewing my booklet! I hope you got a glimpse into my personality, my passions and how curiosity always finds its way into in my day-to-day adventures.



My booklet journey has come to an end.