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There are these Five little dogs get their favorite bones away by a thief. They go on this adventure to try and find their bones. They follow clues to find their bones.

The Five Little Dogs: The Bone Mystery

By Joshua Lyons


Once there were five small dogs. Their


names were Bandit, Backstere, Buster,


Baboo, and Baba. They all loved their


bones very much. They would chew on


their bones all day long.


But one day, when they woke up from a


very long nap. They were so excited to 


go and chew on their bones, but when


they got to the kitchen their bones were




 They had searched everywhere in the house.


Under the tables, in the cabinets, in the fridge,


under the furniture, under their beds, in the


clock, behind the TV, and even in the flower




After they searched everywhere in the


house they searched everywhere outside.


They dug holes in the yard, nothing.


They checked in their tree house, nothing.


They even checked in the garage, nothing.


When they all thought hope was lost, that they


never would see their bones again. But then they


saw rabbit foot prints. They only knew one rabbit


who had lived in the tree trunk for all their life, Mr.




So the five dogs played a game of rock paper


scissers to see who would go and talk to Mr.


Hopper about their bones. Backstere, and


Bandit lost so they both went to Mr. Hopper's


house to ask about their missing bones.


When they knocked on the door. Mr. Hopper


opened the door and said, "Hello, boys how can


I be of help on this fine day." "We lost our


bones, and we were wondering if you saw our


bones anywhere" Backstere said. "Well I saw these


white things in the bounce house" Mr. Hopper


said. Backstere and Bandit went out to the bounce




Backstere and Bandit went back to the others.


"Guys, guys, I might know where our bones are at"


Bandit said. "Where?!?!" The others said. "In the


bounce house" Backstere said. 


Bandit, Backstere, Bahoo, Baba, and Buster


all went to the bounce house and they


opened up the door. When they opened up


the door there were their bones. They


were so happy to have their bones back


again. They promised never to lose their


bones again.


When the five little dogs got home with


their bones on their mouths. They went to


their bedroom and they layed their bones


on their beds.When they went to the


kitchen they saw that their food bowls were


gone, DUN DUN DUN!!


How The Bones Got In The Bounce House