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           I have included several artifacts in my portfolio that directly demonstrate a substantial foundational knowledge of adult learning, as well as application, in the program towards my reimagined career.  They include further insights and detail into my philosophies on adult development and learning as well as individual and group projects that demonstrate the successful application of this knowledge.       

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Name: Susan Neal

Course Department, Number & Title: ACE D505 – Adult Learning through the Lifespan

Semester & Year enrolled: Fall 2015



Caption Statement for “Who am I?” Essay

         My first artifact of importance is my “Who am I” essay completed earlier in the program.  This project involved synthesizing my previous experience as a pre-adult educator, information gained from a teaching perspective inventory and my learning thus far in the program on adult development and learning.
         I appreciated this effort because it helped me to begin to define my practice as an adult educator.  I had previously identified myself as a constructivist in my pre-adult practice; however, I was open to all adult development and learning theories for forming a framework for practice with adults.

         It was interesting to observe my progression for application of the foundational elements of constructivism practice in my transition to adult learning.  I believe the diversity of experiences held by adults fits well with constructivist theories of development, learning and practice and the incorporation of these elements into my framework will enable me to work more effectively with adult learners.

         The reflection that transpired from this project also inspired me to refine and further develop my practice for incorporating social experiences within the learning.  This also involves gaining a better understanding of the mechanics of group participation for application into my practice.   

         This project was a meaningful experience that further supports my reimagined career.  The reflection on my pre-adult concepts of practice allowed me to advance a vision for adults based on new understandings of adult development and learning.  This growth, in turn, informs my practice in the design and development of learning as well as the undertaking of program planning.   

"Who am I?" Essay