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  Once upon a time, in a little apartment in the center of New York City, lived a little girl named Delilah along with her puppy, Toto.

  One afternoon, a sudden earthquake shook Delilah's apartment complex so roughly that she quickly rushed under her bed from fright.

  When the shaking finally stopped, Delilah slowly emerged, finding that her whole world had changed...FUTURISTIC, that is.

  Shocked by this sudden change, Delilah grabbed her chest and noticed that her favorite necklace was gone!  Thinking that it may have fallen off, she searched the ground but instead found a note that was not there before.

  The note said, "follow the path of clear glass and you will find your necklace.  Once you have found the necklace, everything will go back to normal."

  So, Delilah grabbed her puppy and went outside to follow the path of glass.  Along the way, she ran into a talking hovercar, which seemed to be stuck because it had run out of gas.  Delilah filled him with gas and out of appreciation, the hovercar decided to escort Delilah the rest of the way in order to make sure she would make it home safely.

 After walking for a while, they came across a little robot struggling to put in his batteries.  Delilah and the hovercar quickly helped the robot and, out of appreciation, the robot wanted to join them on the rest of the journey.

 Together they mached along, singing.  It was a bright and sunny day and Delilah was happy that she made two new friends.

 Everything was great until they came across a giant, evil robotic monkey that was blocking the glass road.  Delilah was afraid and started to cry but the hovercar and robot quickly scared the evil monkey away.  Then, they continued on their way.

They followed the glass path for a very long time with tired feet until they finally got to the end.  Instead of finding Delilah's necklace, they found another note that said, "You are gullible.  Do not believe and trust everything you see.  All of this was just a dream.  Close your eyes, grab where the necklace should be, and you will wake up."

Delilah did just that and she woke up to find herself back in her apartment and her whole world back in the present.  Delilah learned a very important lesson that day.  Do not be quick to believe and trust everything you see.