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       Potato Chips

       By: Gent Sinanaj

 I dedicate this book to my mom and aunt for all the help to make this book.

       Okay so you are watching your favorite show and a dramatic scene is about to happen. All the sudden, we quickly transition into a commercial break. Next thing you know, Lays potato chips are being advertised; Flavorful, crunchy, and tasty chips on my TV. I now start to crave them too. As the actor bites into the chip, my mouth starts to salivate. I can't help myself, so I run to my kitchen and grab the biggest bowl  I have and I fill it with rippled chips. I run back to my couch, and as I start to bite down on my chip the dramatic scence of the show starts.

This has happened to you to, right? I know I am not alone in this delicious chip experience. So sit back, grab a bowl of potato chips, and enjoy the book!

 Okay so you love potato chips but how much do you know about this snack? Join me and take the quQuestion 1) True or False? More pounds of popcorn  is eaten than potato chips a year.


     If you said "false" then you are correct! About 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips is eaten a year, while only about 1.1 million pounds of popcorn is eaten a year!                                                                            

                                                                                            Question 2) How were potato chips packaged in the 1800s?


A. Bags

B. Boxes

C. Barrels

  If your answer was "C" then you are correct. Potato chips used to be packaged in barrels until they upgraded to bags!    


 3) What was the first potato chip flavor?

A. Sour Cream and Onion

B. Salt and Vinegar

C. Barbecue


If you said "B" then you are correct. The first flavor ever was salt and vinegar.





The year is 1853, and a man named George Crum is the proud chef of a restaurant known as the Moon Lake Lodge. Here he served his costumers the first potato in the chip form. It all started with one costumer complaining about the potatoe fries being too thick, so George cut them very thin and baked them to create the crunchy chip which he called the "Saratoga Chip". The potato chip started to become increasingly popular in the turn of the 20th century where Billie and Sallie Utz started to make chips in their home. Their company was called the Hanover Home Brand Potato Chips and they started to sell their chips from their home in 1921. By 1938 the Utz family explanded to selling from a factory. In 1932, the Lays potato chips was introduced in Ohio by a salesman named Herman Lay. To this day both the Utz and Lays are sold in stores and enjoyed by people world-wide.



      Different Flavors

 Okay, so you know the basic flavors like sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar and barbeque sauce. Right? But did you know that theirs a cajun squirrel flavor? Join me and learn all about these weird/ intresting flavors around the world. So in America there are many strange flavors, but did you ever hear of a dill pickle flavor? Crazy right? But it does not end there. America also has cheeseburger, gravy and biscuit, and kethcup? But America is not the only country with weird flavors of chips. Asia also has a lot of weird flavors like cucumber, shrimp, and octupus.


       Potato Chip Showdown 

                              Lays VS Pringles




Lays: 160                                                                  Pringles: 105





Lays: 170 Mg                                                                Pringles: 47Mg


                                           Total Carbohydarted

 Lays: 5%                                                                     Pringles; 7%




                                        Pringles Won





 Do you love potato chips, well here is how to make this savory, crunchy snack! 1st step is to take a potato and wash it. You can’t make potato chips without potatoes! The 2nd step is to peel the skin of the potato to have fresh chips. The 3rd step is to slice the potatoes into thin slices. Then the 4th step is to bake or fry them for that crunchy delight. And the 5th final step, season the chips with salt for that mouthwatering savory feeling.So that is how to make this delicious snack.



 How Its Made

  • Did you know that this snack was an accident? Whaaat?
  • There are many fun facts, like did you know that they used to be packaged in barrels.
  • The world's largest bag is 2515 pounds.That's almost as much as a water buffalo.
  • Some more fun facts is that the man who created the pringles can ( Fredric J. Baur) died in may 2008 and his ashes were put into a pringles can
  • The first ever Pringles flavor was salt and vinegar!


 Fun Facts

    Potato Chip Showdown 2

                           Utz Vs Ruffles


                              Calories                                                   Utz:190                                                                                                                                                                    Ruffles:160


                        Sodium           Utz:190Mg                         Ruffles:160



                  Total Carbohydrates                                           Utz:7%                            Ruffles: 5%


                     Ruffles Win  2-1



Chips have transformed a lot since their debut in the mid 1800s. Today you can eat chips as a snack, an appetizer, or as a side. You can choose from hundreds of flavors including werid ones such as lamb-mint, paprika, and cappuccino. They come in different shapes like classic, rippled, or  simply triangular. If you'd like you can also make your own chips at home using the reciupe provided in the book, but you can add whatever flavor you like to create your own unique chip.



  1. Conclusion