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Holocaust Project

By: Kevin Pollonais

 Authors Information 

      I am an eihth grader who was studying the holocaust when I was assigned the task of finding a book and a movie about the Holocaust. I was also tasked with researching a genocide that happened after the Holocaust. 


     I use Social Studies New Jersey standard 6.2: World History/ Global Studies for grades 5-8. The objective of this book is to elaberate on life durring the Holocaust and World War II. 


     Warning: only meant for reading level Z or number level 80 and above!

Academic Standards, Reading Level, Objectives


This story by William Osborne is about a German by supposedly named Otto and a german girl supposedly named Leni. They are tasked to find a very important person in Nazi Germany and bring them back to England. This mission comes from the very top: Winston Churchill and Admiral McPherson. They have to find a girl named Angelika. Noone knows who's daughter she is or why she's so important except for McPherson and Churchill. 

On the other side, Reinhard Heydrich was working on finding former deputy leader Rudolf Hess. 

 Part 1:


Hitler's Secret




    The beach is called Dunkirk in France on the first of June in 1940 at 3:06. There is a massive evacuation of Brittish soldiers while Nazis are constantly firing on them with planes, tanks and German soldiers. Explosions are going off everywhere and sand is flying from bullet impacts and shells exploding. The hospital is in England on the same day but an hour later at 4:30. There is a constant rush of traffic with ambulances everywhere. Churchill and McPherson are in the Tower of London in 1941 on May 25 when they interrogate a man. McPherson finds Otto the next day in Rutland, England. That same day, Leni is picked up from her small house and they train for some time. They begin their mission which lasts only three days. They stay in Bavaria. Nazi Germany and go from the town of Prien to Roseheim, Munich, Weiler, to the city of Davos in Switzerland, and finally back to London. 


    In the beginning, a boy is running off of a beach with gunfire and swith oldiers are heading towards boats. With his  He nearly is left behind by the British soldiers. Meanwhile, a girl is in a fast moving car on her way to a hospital. She then proceeds to take blood into the hospital. When she gets back in the car, she gets to drive back to her house. The next year, Winston Churchill and another named McPherson have found someone that could possibly turn the war in their favor. They then recruit the boy and the girl to go on a top secret mission. They are then taken to a mansion and given the names Otto and Leni. They are also given a fake backstory to excuse them to go back to Nazi Germany.  


They then take about three weeks to train and prepare for the mission. Leni has bad vision and can't hit the targets with a rifle while Otto hits multiple times. After this training the pair spends 3 hours inside an airplane waiting to be dropped off at the landing zone. After the landng,  they set off on their mission. Getting a ride from a farmer, they move quickly to a forest and into a town called Prien. In the town, they got train tickets and Leni met a boy who offered her ice cream. Otto fights him and his friends and Leni stabs him. 


Chapter 1




     After peeling off of a tour, a plane flies close to them and they almost lose 2 backpacks. They lose 20 feet of rope and Otto freaks out remembering the events of Dunkirk. They soon land on Angelika's island. They quickly eat and wait until nighttime to get Angelika. Leni goes for her and has to drug a nun and hide her in Angelika's bed. They then escape through the window. Otto was waiting with adingy at the shore. They then rode to the mainland and begin bike riding. Heydrich shows up in the morning and makes the head nun, Mother Theresa, write a note stating that she failed her duty to protect Angelika and then killed her. The note stated that she did something because she failed. Heydrich then killed her and made it look like a suicide. The note was a suicide note and the gun was left on the floor covered in blood as if it was true.


     Meanwhile, Otto, Leni, and Angelika were riding on a passenger train and jumped onto a cargo train for almost no reason. They soon end up in Munich, the capital of Nazi Germany, and Otto goes to his old house. He sneaks in to find that a Gustapo officer is living there. He gets caught trying to escape and Leni loses Angelika. She finds her near the capital building and takes a taxi ride. She arrives where Otto is cornered and saves him by smashing a bottle on the officer's head. They then get on a train. After a couple stops,  a mysterious woman enters the car they are on. At the same time, Heydrich rembers flying over a dingy with a boy and a girl on it. *This was when Otto and Leni almost lost their packs* He then sends out a messege that the fugitives are a boy and a girl. The woman on the train asks Otto questions about his background. He is caught when the woman asks about fake bakeries. They all jump off the train and Otto nearly kills the woman. She survives by fainting before Otto can shoot her with his pistol. The woman then reports the three children and Heydrich gets a mystic or gypsie to locate the children. The children, now in the woods, found a river and did a ten minute swim. Otto and Leni exchanged looks and then got back to moving. Otto then starts to believe that Angelika is Adolf Hitler's daughter. The mystic finds the group's location inside a barn and Heydrich gets going. He then arrives and Otto stays inside while Leni and Angelika flee to the woods. Otto convinces the Nazis that Angelika is inside until he accedently shoots a bullet and almost strikes Heydrich. Heydrich then orderes an attack to fire on the building. An explosion knocks out Otto. He is then captured and interrogated at an inn. Leni comes back with Angelika and saves Otto who now has a hole in his hand because Heydrich stabbed an ice pick through his hand. They blow up the hotel with grenades but Heydrich and his mystic survive. Leni steals a motorcycle. 


     In order to prevent Heydrich from getting Angelika, Otto nearly gave her cyanide. They do agree not to give her to McPherson. At the same time, Heydrich finds Otto's backpack and the mystic locates them again. McPherson is also on his way to the rendevous point. Theydrich finds the children and they steal a glider while being shot at. They then land in Switzerland but the Nazis are still chasing them. McPherson gets a report on where the children are and sets off to find them. Otto causes an avalanche after crashing the glider and Leni opens a spply crate for Nazi Paratroopers. She then pulls put a mchine gun andfires on the soldiers. After the burst is over, they run away from the avalanche. They are swallowed by the snow and Angelika almost dies. Otto and Leni find her and Otto does CPR. Heydrich, on the other hand, is searching for the children and is caught by two farmers. He kills them both and McPherson find evidence of Nazis on the mountain.


     Otto and Leni split up as Otto tries to hold Heydrich off. He fails and gets caught again. Leni comes back and finds a rifle. She almost tries to shoot but assists Angelika as she shoots. Hedyrich's hat comes off from the bullet. She then ties her last grenade yarn and Angelika takes it to the bridge where Otto is being held. The bridge is over a ravine. Angelika stands next to Heydrich and tells Otto to get off the bridge. She then pulls the pin and starts running. The grenade blows and Angelika is hanging on to what is left of the bridge and Heydrich is on the other side. Leni makes a lucky shot and wound's Heydrich's general, Muller. Otto reaches down forAngelika and holds her wwrist. Angelika loses grip and falls into the ravine. Heydrich watches with Otto and Leni pulls Otto up. Everyone leaves and Heydrich talks to the mystic and learns that Angelika wasn't Hitler's daughter. He also tells Hitler of his failure and Hitler says that he did his job in not capturing the girl so that she never existed. He then says that he has commenced Operation Barbarossa or the invasion of the Soviet Union. Leni and Otto are with McPherson and his assistand Durand. She kisses Otto and Leni tells him her real name. Her name is Rebecca and Otto's real name is Conrad. 

 Chapter 2


    I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone because I feel that the ending wasn't worth reading all of the other times it could have ended. It seemed pointless to have Angelika die so late in the book when there were other occasions when this could have happened. I feel that if she was going to die, it should have been in the middle of the story and then the pair would have to escape. However, I do like how the end hinted at Operation Barbarrossa. I also like how Angelika did save Otto twice and that the children escaped. 

My Review

This mini series stars the family Weiss, a Jewish family in Nazi Germany as they go through the Holocaust first hand. The family consists of grandpa, Heinrich Palitz and grandma Frau Palitz, The father, Dr. Josef Weiss and his wife, Marta Weiss have three children, Rudi, Anna, and Karl Weiss. Karl was recently married to a christian named Inga Helms. Dr. Weiss also has a brother named Moses Weiss. The Helms family has a son named Hans who is a Nazi soldier and the family's close friend Heinz Muller. 


     Other characters include The Dorf family. Erik Dorf a lawyer who can't find a job. He has a wife named Marta and eventually two children Peter and Laura. Erik is convinced to join politics by his wife and he become a Junior S.S. Officer working for Heydrich.

Part 2


1978 T.V. Mini Series.  



    The first scene of episode 1 is outside a mansion at a wedding. There is a small brown dance floor and flowers surrounding a large table where everyone except for the Dorfs and the Lowys are sitting. The Dorfs are walking in a park alongside a lake. They buy ice cream from a cart with pictures of Hitler and the Nazi symbol on a bulletin board. The Weiss go back home to an apartment with dark brown walls and a lighter brown floor. Outside, there is a sign for Dr. Weiss' clinic which is under the apartment. The clinic has one waiting room with a few couches and the office is painted white like the walls outside the building. The Dorf house is similar to the Weiss' apartment in color but is bigger than theirs. The train station is an outdoor platform with ramps leading to the brown cars. There is a gate seperating the sidewalk from the platform and a small building for tickets. The border from Germany to Poland is a small road in-between a forest and a field. There is a small shcak for phone calls and a gate that is opened by hand. It is crowded with people waiting for their friends and family to greet them. Warsaw is a run-down ghetto with streets full of people selling things from carts and beggers asking for food. It is very gray and all scenes with it are either clowdy or at night. There aren't any lights on at night. The capital building in Berlin is tall and has a grand staircase leading to the top floor that are painted white with a portrait of Hitler in between a split in the stairway. Buchenwald is a prison camp surrounded by barbed wire and wooden towers with searchlights or machine gunners waiting to shoot. In Prague, the scene had a road with a pole in the middle of a corner where a small crowd of people were reading a new German law. There was also a shop with white walls on the outside and a table and a menorah by the window with posters surrounding it. Partisans live in a forest with camfires and tents to stay in. They later go to a green field and get caught at a road. 



     The first episode begins with a wedding between Karl and Ingain Berlin 1935. They are married and all the family members are there and Muller supposrts the nazis and warns of more anti-jewish measure being introduced. The main characters are all introduced throughout part 1. Erik Dorf is introduced with his wife introduced in a doctor visit with Dr. Weiss. He can't get a job as mentioned before and he gets a job as S.S. Officer under Heydrich. When he first puts on his uniform at home, his son, Peter is scared of him. Meanwhile, Anna is practicing piano with her mother. Seven years pass and Erik is now a leiutenant. He lets Dr. Weiss off with a warning after he treats a non-jewish patient. Anna is practicing the piano as a supprise for Dr. Weiss' birthday. He confronts Berta about moving from Germany. They ultimately decide to stay. Rudi is forced into a fight durring a soccer match and suspended for the season. At dinner the same day, glass around the neighborhood is broken.


     Erik Dorf is sent to Heydrich and plans to keep the German image good by leaving the police out of the riots. Heinrich tries to save his books and Muller arrives and assults him and calls him names. He is then forced to play a drum as rioters shout about all Jews leaving Germany. Meanwhile, Frau Palitz watches him be beaten and calls Dr. Weiss and his wife. Rudi hears what happens and goes out to find Heinrich. Anna follows him. They find Heinrich and catch Muller talking to him/ He is robbed and Rudi defends his hrandpa. One of Rudi's old friends tells Muller who Heinrich is and asks to let him go. Muller lets him go and other Jews are set free also. Heinrich saves one book and Rudi offers to clean up. Erik Dorf explains to Heydrich the casualties of the night of the riots. The press calls it Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass. The meeting ends with small talk and Erik leaves. 

 Chapter 3



Episode 1


     Karl Weiss is painting Inga when suddenly, Inga's mother walks in and police ask for Karl. Inga's mother shames Inga for supporting Karl. Dr. Weiss helps a man named Mr. Lowy and the Palitz' move into the Weiss' house. Dr. Weiss makes Berta aware of Karl being arrested in a call from Inga. Rudi is walking home and two German officers paint Jew on Dr. Weiss' sign. Erik Dorf is now a captain and his daughter, Laura asks why the Jews are hated by everyone. Peter responds that they murdered Jesus as they were taught in sunday school. Both of them then go to bed. Dr. Weiss personally asks Erik to set Karl free. He neglects to help and shuts him out


     The next day, Dr. Weiss gets a deportation notice to Warsaw as he treats a patient. Karl is asked who his mother and father are after witnessing a beating. They also ask for where he lives and his job and name. They ask what crime he committed and he responds that he is innocent. They ask again and he responds the same way. He is then taken out of his chair and beaten. The recorder types something as he is beaten. The priest at a church supports the Jews and asks the congregation to pray for the Jews and others suffering. Many people leave and Erik Dorf stand watching the whole thing. Inga refuses to leave and prays. Erik then warns the preist to not support Jews. The preist refuses to obey, calling it non-christian. Dr.Weiss says goodbye to his family at the train station and remains optimistic. 


     Karl meets another artist as he begins working on pajamas for the camp. The Weiss' sell the doctor's office and apartment and get a new one. Anna and Berta practice piano while Rudi discovers his grandparents dead in their bed. Major Adolf Eichmann takes Erik's family to the carnival in Vienna. Erik and Marta trade turns watching the children on the carousel. Major Eichmann reveals that Czechoslovakia has been conqured and that he has read the files of all his workers. 


    Josef Weiss meets his brother Moses on the Polish border with Mr. Lowy and his wife. They plan to go to Warsaw. Mr. Lowy asks if they can stay with Josef and Moses. They agree and begin the long walk to the train station. 




Chapter 4


 Episode 2


     Inga asks Muller and her family to release Karl. Muller allows Inga to write to Karl and Muller will smuggle them in. Rudi plans to run away and only tells Inga. He leaves the following night and Inga gives him some money. Meanwhile in Poland, 1939, german soldiers force jewish men into a synogogue and force the women to stay out. They then start throwing rocks and pouring gasololine on the building. More soldiers arive and the original soldiers say the men were arrested for spying. The Jews begin prayer and a fire is lit. Everyone runs away as the whole building becomes englufed in flames. Men are heared screaming and coaughing. The building colapses as Hans watches confused and another Nazi watches in joy. Erik Dorf has a slideshow with Heydrich and begin to plan putting Jews in ghettos. At night, Erik and other Nazi officials are at a ball and Erik finds his Uncle Kurt. 


     The next day, Dr. Weiss is in Warsaw wrking with the Jewish Councel of Warsaw. They are unloading a train when a rabbi tells them that a dead infant and its mother are still on the train. Moses talks to the mother and she screams like a maniac. Mrs. Lowy makes the mother move as they get off the train. Dr. Weiss and Moses talk about their childhood and how they should have communicated more. 


     At dinner in the Helms' house, Muller tells the family that he's been transfered to Buchenwald. The Second World War has also begun as France and the United Kingom are at war with Nazi Germany. The Helms believe that they should get rid of Anna and Berta Weiss. Inga refuses and Anna runs away in a mental breakdown. Anna is sexualy assulted by three Nazi men in an ally and she goes back home. Karl and his friend, Weinburg share a peice of bread in the barracks. A kapo finds them and assults both men. They are tied to a pole the next day. Karl starts wanting to die and Weinburg tries to comfort him and fails. 


      Meanwhile, Erik Dorf talks to Poland's leader, asking him to build a wall around the ghetto. The wall begins construction and Dr. Weiss meets with the Jewish Council. They argue over starting a resistance and ultimately decide not to resist. Back in Berlin, Anna goes to the doctor becuase she is mentally scarred. She is sent to a 'mental treatment center'. Anna is walked into a shed in the woods and suffacates to death by carbon dioxide along with several other people with down syndrome and other disabilities. Inga and Berta greive over the loss as a letter states Anna died from not eating anything and fluid getting into her airsacs. The letter also stated that the staff cared for her and cremated the body. 


     In Prague, 1940, Rudi Weiss is almost caught for not having his identification. A woman takes the napsack claming that it was hers and Rudi starts chasing her. She tells him to hide and explains why she helped him. She quickly realizes that he isn't from Czecholovakia. Rudi explains that he is a German Jew. He kisses her and she isn't startled. She explains that she is a Zionist and wanted to go to Palestine. Her name is Helana Slomova. They go to her house and 'do it'. They agree to run away and kiss again. In Warsaw, 1941, Berta arrives and Dr. Weiss meets her and shows her their new homes. Berta explains to Dr. Weiss what he missed when he was away. Berta becomes a teacher both of them agree to remain faithful that their conditions will improve. Inga arrives at Buchenwald to speak to Muller. Muller takes a letter from Inga at a price. She has to 'do it' with him. Karl is working in the quarry when all this takes place. Rudi and Helana are caught cutting through barbed wire and Rudi kills a German soldier. 


     Erik Dorf is at a party when tensions between him and other officials. They are then called to a meeting where they begin discussing an attack on the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, Rudi and Helena were caught by a soldier and brought to their captain. The captain asks them questions about what their religion is and if they are communists. They say that the German army is headed towards the Soviet Army. Helana makes the captain fall for her and they are sent to Keiv. 


     Karl is working with Weinburg in the quarry. Two Gypsies are smoking when they are shot. Karl and Weinburg go to get the corpses. Muller requests for Karl and gives him the letter. Muller tells him that Inga has left Karl for him. Karl goes back to work and is going to be transfered to the art studio. 


     Captain Dorf goes to witness a shooting first-hand with Colonel Blobel. Erik wants to stop all civilians from watching and all camera men from taking pictures or videos. Erik and Blobel argue for some time and Blobel agrees to get rid of the witnesses. The civilians and cameramen leave and Jews are shot with machine guns. Blobel then forces Erik to finish off a surviving Jew. They both leave soon after. 


     A boy is caught getting through rubble near the wall in Warsaw. The guard says he was smuggling items into the ghetto. He then sneaks into his class and is called out for being late by the teacher, Mrs. Weiss. After a small fight, he drops and egg. The boy's name is Aaron. Dr. Weiss comes in and warns Aaron not to sumggle anything again. Later, a man says that the nurse at the hospital was arrested. There were seven other people arrested. They were all smugglers. All eight people are shot by the police. 


     Three people ask for Moses to follow them. He agrees and they find Mr. Lowy printing something. They explain that it is a resistance paper and that they require more ink. At first, Moses doesn't agree to get any chemicals for them. After reading the paper, he agrees and leaves the room. Later, Jews from around the ghetto including Dr. Weiss and his wife gather around a shop window to read the paper. The shop owner quickly comes out and tears it down. Erik and Heydrich review the films that Erik confiscated. 


     In Keiv, Rudi steals two loaves of bread from the German Headquarters in the city. Hans Helms is with two other soldiers when the city begins being bombarded. Hans tells Rudi about Hanna and Rudi  wants to kill him. They take him to another group of soldiers and Hans betrays Rudi by telling the soldiers that he is a Jew. Hans is then killed in an explosion. Blobel and Erik review the situation and it turns out that there were landmines around the city. They agree to blame the explosions on the Jews. 


     Rudi and Helena are marching away when a truck passes. They quickly run into the forest. Blobel and Erik are watching the same line of Jews march toward their death. The line has around 30,000 people in it. Rudi and Helena also watch as the people undress and line up for execution by machine gun in the same forest. Erik and Blobel leave and find Kurt Dorf on the way. Erik lies that only a few of the people in the line are Jews and they are only moving into another city and quickly changes the subject.

Chapter 5

Episode 3



     Berta Weiss is sick and Dr. Weiss tends to her needs. He then leaves to talk to the council. They talk about getting guns and share the news that the Germans are doing mass murders of Jews. Berta bursts in and gives them money to buy guns.


     Erik and Heyrich review photos of the mass shootings in the forest near Keiv. They talk about how they will kill over 70,000 more before they leave. Later, at home, Marta Dorf plays the piano and singing Silent Night on christmas and one of the keys is off. They open the piano to find pictures of Dr. Weiss' family. Kurt is still suspicious of Erik's job and what the Nazi's are doing to the Jews and Erik changes the subject back to singing Silent Night.  


     Karl is painting when Muller comes to deliver the letter. He also hints that the Nazis are going to lose the war. Karl and another artist named Otto Felscher are going to be moved to another camp called Theresienstadt. Karl ruins his painting and starts to stress. In Berlin, Nazi officials meet to discuss the termination of all Jews. Heydrich is now known as a part-Jew. They discuss using gas to kill Jews. Only two men protests against the idea. Both men are put down. Erik and Eichman make small talk and agree that the exterminations are the best idea.


     Rudi and Helena are caught stealing from a farm when they meet a group of Jewish Partisans led by a man named Uncle Sahsa. They join them and go to their base. Karl and Felscher are in the ghetto when they are told it is still evil. There are Polish inspections that go around and the Nazis hide that it is hard to live in the ghetto. 


     The next day, Helena and Rudi get officially married before a scout warns of Nazi soldiers on the road. Erik and other Nazi members including the vice fuhrer Himmler witness a mass murder. Himmler can't seem to take the blood. Himmler and Heydrich agree to find better ways to kill the Jews. Erik, Globel and Colonel Nebe, pronounced nay-bay, argue over inviting Himmler to the shooting. Blobel and Nebe agree to do something against Erik. The next day, Heydrich finds a letter that states that Erik is part Jewish and a Communist. They reveal that the Nazis are launching an investigation. 


     Erik and Nebe witness jews dying in a car die to carbon minoxide. Erik starts asking Nebe about the letter and Nebe starts acting defensive. Meanwhile, Rudi and Helena are with the Partisans as they shoot a group of Ukranian Militia men. Rudi hesitates to kill one but ends up doing it anyway. Rudi talks about it to Helena and reveals that he isn't as tough as he thought. 


     Karl is in the ghetto when  another inspection occurs. Meanwhile in Warsaw, Moses and Aaron buy a single pistol with no ammunition. One man teaches everyone how to shoot. Erik and another Nazi Official plan an expansion to Auschwitz and Heydrich confronts Himmler about the letter. He breifly tells Heydrich not to worry about it. That night, Erik realizes tha the war is almost over and has a breakdown in bed. Marta tells him not to worry about it. Erik reveals that the Nazis are trying to get the Western Allies to go against the USSR. He still hides the fact that the Nazis are killing Jews saying that the rumors are lies. They get a call that Heydrich has been assassinated. Marta tells Erik to try to get promoted again. 


     The next day, Inga tries to find Father Litchtenberg but he isn't in the church. He was sent somewhere and never came back because he was supporting the Jews. Erik inspects a new gas that kills people fast. He ends up buying the gas and says that the reciept says that it is only for cleaning. Heydrich's successor, General Kaltenbrunner, warns Erik that he should be carefull because Nazis find him suspicous. He then shows Erik that there are images showing true horrors of the concentration camps. He is then ordered to work with Major Eichmann and find out who made them. 

Chapter 6


Episode 4


     In Theresienstadt, Karl's friend reveals that he sold the paintings and the artists make more. Inga then appears and Karl introduces them. They then talk for a while. In Warsaw, the Jewish Council is ordered to get 6,000 Jews a day on to trains to go to work camps. Moses and another man spy on the train's destination and discover that they are going to Treblinka. They then listen to the radio and hear that the Allies are moving toward Germany. Dr. Weiss agrees to start a clinic to get people off the trains while Moses and the others agree to smuggle more guns into the ghetto. He saves Mr. and Mrs. Lowy and a few other people. A Lithuanian enters the clinic and asks multiple questions and looks at records of the certification of the clinic. 


     Karl was arrested along with Felscher and another artist when German soldiers raid the building. They are tortured and Felscher admits that he sold the paintings.They are all tortured and Felscher dies. The Nazis then break Karl's hands and leave. Erik and Kaltenburnner review Auschawitz photos and Erik asks to take leave because his wife is sick. He is rejected and shows Marta the orders to burn all dead bodies from the camps. He starts getting tired of his job and Marta convinces them otherwise. He then examines Auschawitz and an inspector witnesses a gassing and burning of bodies. 


     Dr. Weiss is forced to get on a train with his wife and the Lowys. That night, Karl and the other partisans attack a German barracks and Rudi is wounded. The attack however, was a success. 


Chapter 7


Episode 5

     Rudi heals and the partisans joke about the shot. Helena has a breakdown and Rudi calms her down. Karl learns that he is being sent to Auschwitz and that the other artist is dead. He sees Inga and learns that she is pregnent. Karl wants her to kill the baby. He is then sent away with other Jews. 


     Moses and Aaron smuggle in more guns and grenades. They start killing German soldiers as the soldiers check rooms for smugglers at night. Peaceful Jews are evacuated by the resistance members. The Germans then retreat for the night. They then open a crate and have landmines. 


     Dr. Weiss and Berta are in Treblinka Berta helps a new lady get used to life in the camp. The women are then sent to the gas chambers and killed. Karl collects the dresses without realizing who was killed right before they are gassed. Dr. Weiss and Mr. Lowy work on a road and Dr. Weiss is sent to keep the fire working by Kurt. Erik shows up and driks coffee with Kurt. He knows that the Jews are being killed and upposes it. Later, Mr. Lowy and Dr. Weiss search for Berta and Mrs. Lowy. The capo says she is innocent refferencing that they are dead. Both men start greifing for their losses. 


     In Warsaw, it is Passover and the resistance make a small squad of Germans retreat out of the ghetto. That night they hit with gas bombs and leave the ghetto and get caught. They are then executed. Erik learns that his home was bombarded and his family is alive. Mr. Lowy and Dr. Weiss are working when Kurt is caught for making them work illegally. They are then marched away where they will die. 


    Rudi and the partisans get caught trying to bomb a German convoy. Helena is shot and killed and Rudi is placed in a camp. Erik and other officials discuss the fate of concentration, extermination, and labor camps because WW2 is almost over. Erik tries to defend everything that they have made while everyone else agrees to destroy the evidence of their work. He convinces them to keep everything where it is. Karl meets up with Weinburg and starts drawing all night. Everyone knows that the war is almost over. Karl knows that his family were in the camp. 


     Rudi and the other prioners break out of the camp and kill German soldiers along the way. The Red Army starts heading east following train tracks and Rudi heads west. Everyone at Karl's camp is evacuated while Karl is dead. Erik is interigated by Captain John Cassidy of the American Army and Erik says that he was only a lawyer, was against the killings and that no Jews were killed. He claims that he was being treated unfairly. When Captain Cassidy leaves the room, he takes a pill that kills him instantly. Marta is informed that Erik was killed in combat. Kurt informs her that he was captured by the Americans. Marta doesn't beleive him and forces him out. In Theresienstadt, the camp is liberated and Rudi finds Inga and her child, Josef. Rudi and Inga talk for a while. Inga plans on going back to Germany and Rudi is offered a job. He has to smuggle some children into Palestine. He accepts and starts playing soccer with the kids.  


    This series isn't recomended to everyone due to the sound effects and people who feel real empathy for others. There is also a lot of killing and some blood. Risks aside, the series was intriguing and enjoyable to the end. The scenery was interesting but should have had more detail to them. The acting was realistic for most of the series but sometimes was unrealistic. Throughout the series it seemed like a good idea to introduce new characters even though the episodes were very long. 


Part III

Guatamalan Genocide

Chapter 8


Background and Genocide


     In 1960, armed rebels began fighting for a left-wing politics in Guatemala. Left-wing politicts is about equality and fair treatment to the rich and poor. One example is that the wealthier people have higher taxes while average people have lower taxes. In the 50s, the Maya were discriminated and had lower incomes than other Guatemalans. Other rebel groups soon started popping up near and in Maya territory in the 1970. In response, the government started kidnapping and killing Mayan leaders.


     In 1981, propoganda for the government called Maya communists and military action began against the Maya. The military began going to villages and communities who had support for the rebels and killing all the occupants. They even used colors to identify each village. This was the first campaign called Scorched Earth. Villages with no threat were green and targetted villages were red. Yellow and Pink were in between with the killings or kidnappings of rebel leaders, and people seen as possiple threats. This was called "Scorched Earth" (Gale, 2008). 45 total villages were destroyed and a total of 1,678 people were killed by 1982.


     The same year, the original president, Lucas Garcia, was reaplaced by Rios Montt. He then commenced a campaign called Model Villages. Another 32 massacres, left 1,424 dead. One such mass killing in Plan de Sanchez saught the death of elderly people, women, and children.  Survivors were subject to losing important organs and pregnent women's wombs were opened. Over 1,000 Maya sought refuge by joining the Communities of Populations in Resistance or CPRs.


     The final campaign was againsts the CPRs. President Rios Montt was overthrown by one of his own generals, General Oscar Mejía Víctores. More mass murders were committed against the CPRs and in 1985, a new president was elected without rebels voting. President Vinicio Cerezo began peace talks with the rebels in Madrid. Many people began to look for the kidnepped leaders. The next year, peace was made in December and the civil war was over. 


     Both the Holocaust and the Guatemalan Genocide were attampts to get rid of a religous group from their country. In both genocides, the target was isolated by the army. Both targets were realativly native to the country. They also had different phases enen though the Guatemalan Genocide was a combination of killing and isolation. 


     The Guatemalan Genocide wasn't aimed at making the Maya extinct from the world like the Holocaust. The Holocaust was in Nazi Germany on the European Continent while the Guatemalan Genocide was on the North American Continent. Unlike the Holocaust, the Guatemalan Genocide was supported by the United States in order to end the rebellion. It also saw less victims and didn't use gass and the victims stayed in their towns until the army came instead of being evicted to another place to be killed. Durring this genocide, there was a change in leadership over the years it took place. It was also neglected more by other nations being part of the Silent Holocaust*. 


*This is a reference to other genocides around the world that haven't gained as much recognition as the actual Holocaust.*

Chapter 9


Compared to the Holocaust


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