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Taylor Jordan

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"It Can Wait"

Created in 2010 by AT&T, "It Can Wait" advises all drivers to minimize all distractions while on the road, especially the use of cellular devices.


With the use of social medias, like twitter, Instagram, and facebook, the It Can Wait campaign gives celeberties and drivers the opportunity to make a public vow to promote safe driving.

What is the "It Can Wait" Campaign?

Mainly directed to teen drivers, It Can Wait has had 8 million public pledges since its creation. In order to create an even more widespread involvment, AT&T has also become involved with the GHSA (Georgia High School Association) and the SHSO (State Highway Safty Office).


AT&T also has also held several events throughout its existence, these involve summit meetings, High School contests, and signings.


How is it Influencing Drivers?

Throughout its existence, It Can Wait has become involved with several states and has also collaborated with mulitple Departments of Transportation to create more acknowledgement of safe driving. It Can Wait has also created a series of commericals dictating the harm of distracted driving. 


Because of their involvment, the It Can Wait campaign has been quite successful, significantly lowering the rate of fatal car accidents, particularly accidents involving teenagers. 

The Impact of

"It Can Wait"


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