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Exciting and old ventures.

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Contents Page


Text is the most widley used and flexible soloution in casting and showing off different types of on screen information to an audience. Users will also use and display large amounts of text which they will find out that it's hard to scan.


When creating the elements of website or information page, the user should always try to present the textual elements in a acceptable way that supplements it for other types of multimedia that users will be able to understand and grasp.


Multimedia Text Types

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Graphics Page 

One of the most exciting forms of pictoral presentation is animation. Animation refers to a simulated motion picture depictingmovementof drawn (or simulated) objects. The main features of this definition are as follows: (1) picture - an animation is a kind of pictorial representation; (2) motion - an animation depicts apparent movement; and (3) simulated - an animation consists of objects that are artificially created through drawing or some other simulation method.

Animations Page 

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