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This is about how my bro and I first met we will go on adventures and also travel the world even we dont. It would also tell us a lot about me and my bro.So let go to the adventure

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My bro and I met when we were in summer camp.My bro doesn't remember at all but I do because that was a special day.When I was going there I went through of phase of depression because of what happened to me.I don't want to talk about it because it is embarrassing.The school that I was going to had a summer camp and I went there to get to know the school,Teachers,and the people.I was a loner in that camp and I would wear a hood but people thought I was weird but Id didn't care.I guess people thought that i didn't want anyone to talk to me so they didn't. I think that was an excuse just to not talk to me but that OK I guess.We met in art class because we had different classes like a regular school but it was very fun activities.Everyone was sitting down except me because I dint know where to sit because everyone already took the spots.There was two empty spots and that was next to someone I knew and there was another one where there was no one.I sat where the girl i knew sat I felt uncomfortable though.My bro was in that table and everyone thought she was mean.I thought she was maybe a bit scary but I didn't judge because that is not me.When there was two empty seats I felt like someone was giving me a choice be friends with someone or just be a loner for the rest of the year.I did the work in art but I felt like something good was going to happen.Of course something good did happen.The whole class went outside and we were going to make bracelets so that why we were going to go outside.We didn't really make the bracelets that day more like we listened to the instructions.I was sitting in a table with my bro but I didn't know that yet.I was laughing and having the time of my life when those three girls my bro and these two other girls asked me if I wanted to be their friend.Of course I dint hear them