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Tyler the Malayan Tiger

WRitten by Rebekah Cleary

One day, a Malayan Tiger named Tyler was wondering around his mountain and saw a large group of people climbing up this place that was his home. This experience was quit normal for Tyler, but this time he decided to find out why all these random people were climbing up his mountain and waundering about. 

That night, when all the tourist had left the mountain, he followed the last groups tracks to where he believed they had gone. He was amazed to see that this world he lived in extended farther than his, now miniscule feeling, mountain. He was very anxious to explore this newly discovered peninsula before him, and so he did.

As he wondered throughout the streets, he noticed the amount of diversity. He was stunned. On the peninsula, there was no where close to this much diversity. It was an exciting day if one of the fellow wildlife wasn't afraid of him, but here they all got along.

While he was exploring and waundering, he discovered more mountains and many, many, many trees that later on he discovered to be parts of forests and rainforest.


As he continued his voyage throughout the city, he noticed that he stepped upon some yelow-orange grainy substance that the humans called "sand". As he walked along the sand he discovered that it suddenly stopped and led into a large, infinite body of water. He was so amazed!

Tyler was so proud of how large his mountain is, but suddenly he was confused. What were these giant, glowing towers blocking the way of his beautiful home? These towers were covered in glowing lights and they were all over the city. There were people going in, and out of these huge, glowing towers. Tyler was so curious of who an what these people are.

 During his exploration he noticed the humans walking aroud the peninsula with different animals. So, like they wild animal he is, he went up to the animals, and growled at them until them and their owners ran away. He was so proud of himself.

Tyler the tiger was so excited to head home and tell his friends all about his voyage, and so he did. On his stroll back to the mountain he encountered a beautiful flower called a rafflesia flower. This flower is the largest known flower in the world! This made him so joy ful to hurry back to the mountain that he began to run and as he got closer, his speed grew and grew.

Of course after running for such a long time, he became weak and tired. He agreed with his body and layed down to take a nap. When he awoke from his nap he was cheerful to remember that he stopped to rest beside a nice, cool river.

The tiger cub was filled with joy to now be able to see his mountain, so again he ran. The only difference this time was that he ran with a purpose. He ran to tell his friends all about his adventure, all about the new life he had begun. Tyler became closer and closer to his home and his want to get up the mountain safe grew and grew.