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by michael sanchez Image result for marines

There are many recruting places in aroung the USA. There are two bootcamps that you can go to to become a marine, one is in pairs Island, souith caralina  and the other is in san deiago california. There are 180,000 marines enlisted.Image result for marines recruiting boulding

The requierments to be a marine are

1) be at least 17 and not over 29

2) have a high school diploma 

3) proof of residence 

4) phyisical exam 

5) graduate from boot camp 

6) pass the ASVAB testImage result for marines


The area of intrest for me is sniper school. After boot camp i will aplly to be a scout sniper. They are a very inportant part of the marines, they scout the enemy before the marines send in the grunts, and they also take out high value targets.


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one marine corps motto is "slow is steady and steady is fast"


The marines where founded in 1775


There are about 700,00 more army men than marines Image result for cool marine corps drawings

I plan on going to collage and the military will help pay for that. There was a collage payment plan that the military set up back in 2009 and I plan on using it to pay for most of my collage.  Image result for graduation

The marines also offer a generous vactions plan. You get free admission to natinal parks. Cheap cruises and all inclusive vacations.


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The Marines have a soccer and basketball team that i would like to try out for. I like playing sports and I don't wanna stop so its a big thing for me that they have a sports team.Image result for basketball/soccer