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Cuba on the map:

The smallest bird in the world can be found in Cuba (The Bee Hummingbird ).



Cuba is a small country located in the Caribbean Sea.

Cuba is made up of 4,000 islands and cays.

The flag of Cuba:

Cuba's style of government:

The size in area: 42,426 mi

Who makes the laws in Cuba?: Fidel Castro.

The overall population of Cuba: 11,486,142

The capital of Cuba: Havana

Absolute location: 21.5218° N, 77.7812° W

Marxist-Leninist single party state.

Basic information

Sierra Maestra: Sierra Maestra is Cuba's highest mountain! ( 1,974 meters )


Cuba's Landforms

Cuevas Del Indio: This cave is the biggest Cave in Cuba!


Zapata Swamp is the biggest swamp in Cuba with its area at 1,607 mi.


In between Winter and Spring, it is the coldest time of year for Cubans.

In Winter, it tends to get 10 degrees celsius!

Winter/ Spring

Climate of Cuba

Cuban's summer is June to August. Temperatures rise to 38 degrees celsius on the eastern side of Cuba.

Summer is Cuba's hottest season.


This building is one of Cuba's signature buildings!

El Capitolio

Cathedral of Havana

This is Cuba's most famous Cathedral/Church!

Human Features in Cuba

San Juan Hill 

This building stands as a reminder of Cuba's fight for independence against the Spanish.

Petroleum has been produced in Cuba since 1916!


Natural Resources in Cuba

Cuba is one of the worlds largest producers of nickel!


Cobalt is also a very big resource in Cuba!


Steel is one of the major industrial products in Cuba!


Industrial Products made in Cuba

Tobacco products is the second major industrial products in Cuba.

Tobacco Products

Cuba was the first country to produce cement.


Rice is one of the main dishes Cubans eat.


Cuba's Agriculture

Oranges were the second most major crop being grown in Cuba.


Sugar Cane was the only major crop being grown in the Cuban fields.

Sugar Cane

The attack took place on July 26, 1953, the actual revolution began in May 1952.

They have their Revolution Day  in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba's largest city.

Cubans celebrate Revolution Day on July 26th.

Cuba's Cultures

Cubans pronounce their " th" as " c " and "s".

When the Spanish came to Cuba, they brought their language with them.

Cubans speak spanish.