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so you have osteoporosis. bones are constantly regenerating and dissolving,and osteoporosis is when your body cant produce bones at the rate you break them down, so you have very brittle bones that can fracture very easily, in some cases, even coughing can fracture them. 

55% of the us population over 50, have osteoporosis. 

biochemical engineering plays a huge roll in the recovery of the disease.  they design drugs to thicken your bones, and strengthen your joints, to keep you from seriously hurting yourself.

to diagnosis osteoporosis, a dexa scan is used to see how much x-rays are absorbed by the bone tissue, to see how dense the bones.


bone health is very important, they provide structure for the body, inhibit movement, and they also protect your body.  osteoporosis, weakens your bones to the point that they can do these simple tasks.