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From Birth to Death

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 Timeline of My Life

Austin Ardoin

Timeline of My Life

Born in 1998 in East Rutherford, New Jeresy. Moved to Greensboro in 2002. Living with both Parents and two brothers and started school at age 5.

Trust vs Mistrust / Autonomy vs. Shame

Initiative vs Guilt / Competence vs. Inferiority 

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(10 TO 20) 

First started playing football when I was ten and kept playing ever since. Also started middle school at the age of ten. When into highschool at age 14 and grautated early at at age 17. Then went straight to online classes at GTCC and worked two jobs.

At age 19, I went to a fashion design college in New York and got an apartment. While in New York I gotten a job at 20 and graduated from college at 23. I moved in witha girl and later started dating. While we were dating we had a baby when I was 26. A Few years later I got married at age 28. 


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(30 TO 40)

Started looking for another job as money started to get to tight. Filled out many applications for deigning but got rejexted many times. worked two jobs and took care of two babies and bills

Intimacy vs. Isolation / Genereativity vs. Stagnation

(40 to 50)

Started to design own Clothes and created a website. People started to notice by scoial media post and ads 3 years later at age 45. Had to buy a new car because my old car had completely broke down. Later i move into a lower midlle class area because of me and my wifes budget. A few months later i get fired from one of my jobs.

Becomes famous off clothing line. I invest in 3 Mcdonalds and a new mall. My Family moves into a condo in Los Angeles at age 52. Later I Create a cheaper clothing line at 57.

Generativity vs. Stagnation

(50 to 60)

Integrity vs. Despair 

(60 to 70)

I move to Orlando into a mansion. I start writing a book about my life and how it all came together. I co-sign with three other highend clothing brands. I start to invest some more and start to makee fabric for car interiors.

I hire my son to be the CEO of both of my clothing lines. I then  go to becoming an author, writing books on how to become successful. I then catch a deadly flu virus.

Integrity vs. Despair 

(70 to 80)

Integrity vs. Despair 

(80 to 90)

I spend most of my time in the hosptial. Eventually I get back to being healthy again until I catch another sickness. I then publish my last book before I die at age 90.

 The Letter


       If you are reading this I am gone now. But as went through a lot of problems I never gave up. I am most proud of myself that even through the struggle I did not give up I just pushed harder. I chased my dream even when at times it seemed impossible that I was going to get it. But the one thing that bothers me that I did was chosing the fast last too fast when I did not have the money for it.