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Boise School Board Sets Tuesday, March 14, 2017 Bond Election
Reinvest In Neighborhood Schools & Communities
Boise, ID -- 11/14/16 -- Boise School Board has unanimously voted to approve a Tuesday,
March 14, 2017 Bond election that will reinvest in our local schools and communities without
raising the current tax rate.
As a result of considerable community input and engagement, Board members on Monday,
November 14, 2016 approved a $172.5 million bond election to fund an Educational Facilities
Master Plan that:
Reinvests in every school without raising the current property tax rate.
Is accountable, addressing critical school facility problems now so they don't cost
taxpayers more later.
Addresses overcrowding and provides students with access to safe modern classrooms
and schools that reflect best practices and technology - ensuring students graduate
career and college ready.
Serves as a clear reflection of our community's commitment to high-quality
neighborhood schools.
Provides direction for the District on how best to meet our most pressing needs
regarding poor condition, overcrowding and improving educational adequacy while
ensuring every school receives attention.
Puts the District in a place that will allow us to make significant improvements today
while preparing for the educational needs of students well into the future.
Demonstrates a thoughtful balance between hard data, demographic and enrollment
projections, and the input from parents, patrons, staff and students.
Creates a legacy for our children and grandchildren, all without raising the current tax
Further information regarding the Tuesday, March 14, 2017 bond election can be found on
the District's web site:
News Media Contact:
Dan Hollar
Public Affairs Administrator
Boise School District
(208) 854-4064
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