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By Robby Christensen

All About our Solar


Here you will learn almost all about the Solar System's planets including the Sun, the Moon, and Pluto. Hope you enjoy!!!!


Did you know one day like all the other stars the Sun will turn into a gas gaint and explode distroying all of the planets in our Solar System and probely more? In 6 billion years!


The Moon is was first discorverd by the Apolo 11 And is long time friends with the Earth!



 Ah the Earth the only planet in our Solar System that has life on it SO FAR!


  Hey look theres my house!!!!!

Saturns Rigs are made out of rocks, ice and other idems that orbit it. And is one of the prettyist planet to look at in my opinion.


Fun Fact: Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and due to it's proximity it is not easily seen except during twilight.


Do you see that big red dot, that right there is a colishion of storms!



Did you know that Mars is the Fourth planet from the Sun, and named after the Roman God of War?

Did you know that Pluto use to be a planet but some how it "shrunk" and became a dorf planet?


Did you know that Neptune is the 4th bigest planet in our Solar System, And is my favorite color?



Did you know that Uranus was the first planet discoverd by the telescope?

  As you can see, these planets in our Solar System are very important and cool to learn about and I hope you think so too.  Thanks For Reading!