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Why Do Children Go Into Care?

In this task i will be explaining why children go into care and to fully make sure that you understand how and why they do.

The children act 1989/2004  places duties on local authorities to consider the welfare of all children in the area and reinforces the message to all organisations working with children have a duty in helping safeguarding and promote the welfare of children.

Section 20 means the parent still has parental responsibilities for the child but if the parent dies, local authorities has the duty to provide for the child. This could be used on a scenario where a parent is too ill to look after the child.

Section 31 can take away parental rights from a parent and the parental advice is then given to the local authorities to make sure the welfare of the child is met. This can be used on a scenario where the child has been abused either physically or sexually. 

For example Lucy is a 12 year old girl who lives at home with her father, Lucy's mother passes away when she was 9 years old and her father isn't coping well and spends all there money on alcohol and has his friends over most nights. There is hardly any food in the cupboard's and doesn't give her any dinner money while in school, she spoke to her teacher in school about that she is worried her father is going to get sick and that she doesn't have any food. The school phoned the local authorities about there concerns and when they came out to have a look at her surroundings they decided it wasn't a fit state for her to live in so under Section 31 they took Lucy into care.

The Children Act 1989/2004

A few child or young person related problems may be due to behavioural needs and risks to family members, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, health problems and could be due to offences- either a crime offence or physically hurting someone.

Family related issues/ child or young person related issues 

A child can go into care for many reasons, they can go into care for family related reasons or child or young person related reasons. 

A few family related reasons may be because a bereavement, a parent could be ill so therefore may not be able to care for the child any longer, parent incapacity- drug or alcohol problems that can impact on the care of the child and suspected or actual abuse which could be neglect or harm to the child.

I think it is more beneficial that children do go into care as it stops them being at risk, it also helps most parents too it makes them realise what they have done to their child's life and sometimes helps their situation with drugs and alcohol as they will want their child to be at home with them so therefore they will sort their state of living out to benefit their child.

''There were 94,307 children in care in the UK at 31 March 2016''