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Closeout documentation for Youth's Benefit Elementary School 

Watch time lapse video of Gym Floor cover (Carpet Tiles)  installation

Miller Flooring Company Services

  • Annual Maintenance - Screen & Coat (RECOMMENDED Annual Service)
  • Extended Warranty
  • Repair (Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, including Bleachers)
  • Resand/Refinish
  • Installation (Wood, Resilient, Urethane)
  • Equipment (Backboards, Scoreboards, Scorer's Tables, Curtains, Bleachers, Windscreens, Wall Pads, Mats, Plus...)
  • Surface Protection (Gym Floor Covers)
  • Track, Tennis Repairs, and Installation
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance Supplies (Cleaning Solutions, Pads, Mops)

If viewing the digital copy of this manual, please use the form below to contact Miller Flooring Company with your request for Services/Estimates/Project Information/Equipment. Please use the message box to detail your request. For example: "Please send an estimate for annual Screen & Coat with an extended warranty" or "Please call me about maintenance supplies".


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