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Cyber Bullying
By Ella Durrant
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What not to do
Don’t publish info that identifies you.
Don’t past inappropriate pictures.
Don’t give apps permission before verifying.
Don’t use inappropriate language
Don’t make online presence all about you
Don’t mix wall posts and personal messages
What to do
Choose strong, sensible, hard-to-guess passwords
Know the privacy settings
Be selective when adding friend
Stop and think before you click
Use fully protected computers
Examples of cyberbullying messages
Ugly face
I hate U
You dum sult
Fat pig
Responding to cyberbullying messages
Don’t reply
Keep the message
Tell someone you trust
Block the sender
Report problems
Who is targeted?
Both male and female
Aged 13-19 year olds
girls may be more likely than boys to be targeted
Older teens seem to be more likely to be involved than younger teens.
The average age of a teenager involved in cyberbullying is 15 years old.
You are more likely to be targeted online.