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 Dr. Jekyll and Mr.          Hyde Book Review

By Autumn

The main characters in this story include:



  • -Mr. Utterson, a lawyer who tries to figure out what is going on with his client, Dr. Jeckyll: the protagonist, round character
  • -Mr. Enfields, a friend of Mr. Utterson: flat character
  • -Dr. Lanyon, a friend of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Utterson: flat character
  • -Dr. Jackll, a scientist who makes a potion that makes him turn into Mr. Hyde: another protagonist, and a round character
  • -Mr. Hyde, a deformed man who portrays the evil side of Dr. Jeckyll: Antagonist, flat character
  • -Sir Danvers Carew,  a member of Parliament and a client of Utterson who was beaten to death by Mr. Hyde, flat character
  • -Mr. Poole, Jekyll's butler, flat character



Mr. Utterson and Enfield talk about a man called Mr. Hyde who had trampled a young girl.

Mr. Utterson tries to figure out who Mr. Hyde is and who he is in relation to Dr. Jeckyll.

Mr. Utterson breaks down the lab door revealing Mr. Hyde on the floor wearing Dr. Jeckyll's clothes.


Mr. Utterson leaves the lab, goes home, and reads the letters from Lanyon and Jeckyll.

The letters explain why and how everything happened.

The setting takes place in London during the Victorian era, or the nineteenth century.

The story constantly talks about people having servants which happened more around that time period. 



The story is in limited third person. It is from Mr. Utterson's perspective, but near the end it switches to the Lanyon's and Jackyll's point of view.

Point of view


The main theme is the conflict of human nature and the importance of a reputation.

If I was to rate this book 1 out of 10, it would be a 7. Mainly because of the fact that the writing was advanced and I was a bit confused. Once I reread some parts I understood them. "It is the mark of a modest man to accept his friendly circle ready-made from the hands of opportunity; and that was the lawyer's way."  (pg.3 Robert Louis Stevenson)  I liked the mystery and the eerie feeling that the story gave. It kept my interest in the story, even though the wording was complicated at times. "And still the figure had no face by which he might know it; even in his dreams, it had no face.... thus it was that there sprang up and grew apace in the lawyer's mind a singularly strong, almost an inordinate, curiosity to behold the features of the real Mr. Hyde" (pg. 14 Robert Louis Stevenson)

I think it was a great story that shows the conflict with the human nature and the laws of man. The story left a great imprint on me and made me think about how something intended for greatness could end up killing you in the end.

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