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This is your own reflective guide telling you about the internet and what to look out for while searching the web. The digital world is a big place and trust me even though your behind a glass screen somewhere else, whatever you do it effects the in the real world as well. Enjoy!

 How To Protect Yourself:

*What To Do:

*Do not reply to the bully

*Use online blocking features

*Tell an adult

*Save the evidence

*If worserns report to authorities



The use of electronic communication to bully or harress a person.


*Dont post nothing online that you wouldnt want the world to see

*No revealing pictures for likes or fans

*Post daily 

*Watch out for trollers

Social Media

Digital Piracy

 The illegal trade of software, music, videos and DvDs

These things that people remake or steal would be considered bootlegs

Tips For Being Safe:

*Make safe passwords

*Use email wisely

*Shop safely

*Watch for phishing scams

*IF you children pay attention to their gaming sites and pages  


Protect Yourself Online

What Not To Do:

*Personal info

*Never meet up with someone you dont know alone

*Dont respond to spasms 

 Core Rules:

*Remember the human

*Behave the same you would online as in person

*Who are yo on cyberspace

*Respect peoples time and space on the internet

*Make Yourself look good online stay groomed

*Share export knowledge

*Help keep online arguements calm down; don't encourage

*Dont abuse tge internet or your internet use

*Forgive others mistakes online


The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet

*  Dont use personal info when creating a password

*For each web site or page you make have diffrent passwords for each

* After use make sure to log out

*If need to write down your password or send it to your via email just in case you forget.




Blog:A regularly updated website wriiten by a person or small group, written in a informal or conversational style

P2P:Peer to peer computer systems that communicate to each other through a network w/o passing throgh a central server

Phishing: Activity of defrauding an online account holder 

Digital Life 101

Podcast: A digital audio fuile  avaliable made to download on a computer, music player or in a series

Flaming: An online arguement that becomes nasty& insulting

Aggregator: Refers to a web site or computer software that provides specific info from many internet sites. (Data Aggregator)

Good Fellow Of The Digital World

By: Iliah Bea