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Wizard of Oz, Ruby, Natha

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Author: Danni Kruse

Illustrator: Lauren Holstein

Ruby and Natha

Once upon a time, there were four children at the same school, who had never met each other. Ruby, was sweet but tough, and always wore her red sparkly shoes. Scarecrow, was a boy filled with energy, but was too scared to let it out. Tin, known as the most popular boy, was the mean bully at school that loved to hurt people's feelings. The last boy named Leo was very smart, but was shy and did not know how to make friends. 

One day on the playground, the four kids ran to ride on the new toy, the merry-go-round. They all started to talk and slowly spin in circles. Tin thought it would be a joy to spin the merry-go-round extremely fast that the other three kids would fall off. 

Scarecrow begged Tin to stop going so fast, but he would not. The merry-go-round spun faster and faster, so fast it began to lift from the ground and flew straight up into the air!

It flew for awhile, and then the four kids fell off and landed with a big bang! It seemed as if they have arrived at a place they had never been before. Ruby said in a scared voice, "What just happened? Oh no, where are we?" "I feel sick" said Scarecrow, keeping his hand on his mouth to stop the feeling of throwing up. 

"Look! There is a sign up ahead!" said Leo with happiness "It says Natha, who cares," Tin laughed as if he did not think it was a big deal. While everyone was standing, staring at the sign, a bird flew through the sky and dropped a map down. The map shows where the merry-go-round was and how they can find it to go back home. Ruby read what the map said, "The merry-go-round has landed at the Natha Castle where the ferocious dragon lives. The only way you can destroy the dragon is if you find the four magical ring pops located in a bush past the Bridge of Terror." "What? No, I do not think I can do this and defeat a dragon. I am not smart enough," Scarecrow whispered while a tear dropped down his face. "Man up! Stop being a scaredy cat," chuckled Tin.


A few minutes later, they got to the Bridge of Terror. It was not much of a bridge anymore because the bridge was missing. They had to find a way to get to the other side without falling into the huge hole. It was time for the group to work together as a team. "How can we get across without falling into the deep hole?" said Ruby. "I have an idea!" shouted Scarecrow, "We can throw those stacks of flat stones over there, and hope they float over the Bridge of Terror!" Everyone was shocked at how smart Scarecrow’s idea was. "I never would have thought of that great idea," Leo said with confidence.

I think I will be the first one to try stepping on each rock." Everyone was shocked by how brave Leo was. He began walking slowly to the stack of flat stones and picked up a few. He threw one stone into the middle of the open area to see if it would float in the air and stay, which it did. He threw more and more, and it made a path all the way to the other side. 

they walked across one by one. Leo first, Ruby second, Scarecrow third, and Tin last. Just when everything was going well, something bad happened. Scarecrow's foot slipped off of the path and Tin grabbed Scarecrow's arm so he would not fall into the hole. "Wow, you saved my life. Thank you so much Tin. I did not know you would do such a nice thing for me." Scarecrow said with a big smile on his face. "Well, you needed my help. I can be a nice guy sometimes." Tin said in a caring voice. Everyone was shocked by how nice Tin was. By working together, they passed the Bridge of Terror.

Once they all got across to the other side, they had to keep going to find the hidden bush that had the magical ring pops. The four children kept on walking and found bushes on both sides of the road. They looked in each bush together. They found the rings in the last bush and they all jumped with joy. Everyone had their own ring and put it on one of their fingers.

They saw the Natha Castle up ahead and began running to it to find the merry-go-round. When they got to the castle, the big, tall door opened slowly, and the kids ran in. 

When they walked into the dungeon they found a giant and scary dragon. The dragon spit fire at them and they all dodged it. They put their ring pops together in the air. The rings shone bright and made the dragon disappear. 

They all smiled and gave each other a warm hug. The merry-go-round was hidden under the dragon. They jumped on it, started spinning it, and laughed and laughed as they spun in the air to go back home. They landed back on the playground and were still giggling and smiling. 


They became best friends after that. They told everyone about what happened and how important friendship is.