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Brice Smoker
Birth 5 years
Physical I grew a lot during my first 5 years of life. I went from looking like a pudgy
sack of potatoes with arms to a little person.
Cognitive My senses developed and I used them to learn the world around me. My
parents say I always had to be holding something.
Moral I was driven by selfish desires during the earlier years. Later, I learned to
start being polite to get what I want.
Social I would talk to anyone as a kid. No stranger was safe.
6 years 12 years
Physical I grew steadily over this time, but was always shorter than all of the girls
sadly. I developed coordination while playing many various sports.
Cognitive My intellectual capacity changed greatly over this time period as I went
from adding simple numbers to understanding abstract comcepts.
Moral I began to weigh consequences more before acting, but also learned the art
of deception.
Social I became very competitive, but always was willing to help others succeed.
Physical My appearance (and height) has changed plenty over this period. I went
through the same awkward stage as everyone else. Hopefully the change in height
isn’t over yet.
Cognitive I have learned to think deeply and process advanced ideas.
Moral I now think more of long term effects and the people around me when
making decisions.
Social I have come to realize that collaboration breeds positive results, so having
relationships with many types of people is a good thing.