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For the South Carolina estimates of the 2013 infratructure report card, the society says that 1,048 bridges of the 9,275 in SC are structurally ineeficent, and that there are 162 high hazard dams in the state.

The Society

The American Society for Civil Engineers was founded in 1852 when a group of a dozen civil engineers came together to create an advocacy group that can lobby for the design and construction of the nation's infrastructure. 

The Society Holds confrences and events to raise awareness of the state of infrastructure in our nation. They also create a report card that grades infrasture systems by states, which they send to state and federal government agencies to tell them what to improve.

Priority Issues for 2016:

-Education of Civil Engineers

-Clean Water

-Transportation Infrastructure

-Sustainable Energy Use


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The American Society of Civil Engineers has influenced law and policy by advising state and local government on the condition of their infrastrucutre and by rating new policies n wether they are useful or not.


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