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The original HOT WHEELS booklet

By: Hunter Kauffman

Debut Series1968 Hot WHeels
Produced1968 Only (Original Casting)1994 - 2008 (Retool)
DesignerHarry Bradely
Debut Series1968 Hot Wheels
Produced1968 Only
DesignerDon (Real-World car) (Hot Wheels Model)
Harry Bradely

Hot Heap


Hot Heap was one of the cars released in the original 1968 Hot Wheels series.The Hot Heap was based on the real-life show car "King T", also known as "Tognotti's T".This circa 1964 modified Model T Roadster was the brainchild of designer Don Tognotti. It was originally built with four wheel disc brakes, independent rear suspension, front coil springs and a fuel injected 283 Chevrolet engine.

The Dodge Deora was designed by Harry Bradley and commissioned in 1964 to show-winning customizers Mike and Larry Alexander. It was then unveiled in their home town during the Detroit Autorama in 1967, where it won the coveted Riddler Award. The Deora is based on the mid-engined Dodge D-100 and the back hatch of a 1960 Ford stationwagon. It was was chopped, sectioned, and channeled to create the fully functional, futuristic pickup. Entrance into the candy gold painted custom is achieved by lifting up the windshield and entering through the front.

Debut SeriesHot Wheels
Produced1968 Only
DesignerHarry Bradely

Costom Firebird

Debut SeriesHot Wheels
DesignerHarry Bradely

Custom Eldorado

The custom firebird was first released in 1968, and was based on the 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 convertible. It was made in both the United States and Hong Kong. The U.S. version has a molded steering wheel on the dash, straight bucket seats and shorter hood scoop bulges. The Hong Kong version has a black steering wheel, bucket seats which slant back, no dash and the hood bulges are slightly longer. Late run Custom Firebirds  came with "door lines" are much less common and more desirable.

The Custom Eldorado was a Hot Wheels casting designed by Harry Bradley based on the the 1967 Cadillac Eldorado. The Custom Eldorado debuted in the 1968 Line-up as part of the Original 16 castings and came with a Collector's Button. All cars came with a button 'til 1972

Debut Series1968 hot wheels
DesignerHary Bradley 

Custom Camaro

Debut Series1968 Hot Wheels
Produced1968 Only
DesignerHarry Bradley

Car 2: Custom Barracuda

This model was produced in 1968 at the USA and Hong Kong factories. "Hybrids" are known to exist, which used  a mix of both USA and Hong Kong parts. Unlike most early redlines, no Custom Barracudas are known to have a black painted roof. USA cars can be found with Tan, Grey and dark charcoal, HK cars can be found with white, brown, grey, silver and purple interiors. USA cars have clear windows and HK cars have blue tinted windows. USA cars have shorter power bulges on the hood than HK cars. HK bases are more detailed (and have 4 square holes) than USA bases. All Custom Barracudas have delrin bearing wheels and some early HK cars have 'deep dish' wheels on the front.

With most Early Redline cars comes some secretive history, with most of them having at least one rare variant, be it the Cheetah Python, the aqua no-sunroof Custom Volkswagen, or the white int. Red Baron. But the history behind the Custom Camaro is a little more in perspective. The Custom Camaro was the very first Hot Wheel to escape the drawing board and be released to the public.