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Perks of being a high school student 



Use your agenda 

using your agenda will help you keep organized and stay on top of your homework 


join a club or team

 Joining a club or team will help you make friends with the same interests as you


Realize that school is impotant

When doing your work, realize that school is very impotant. Its paving the way to how you will live the rest of your life and you need to do well.


Social life is also important 

Being at school is tiring and stressful. You need to know how to balance your school and social life in order to feel less stressed and happier.


make friends with everyone

If you are kind to others, they will be kind to you. There are always kids you will be advised to avoid in order to keep yourself healthy and safe but if you are nice to everyone, you will be able to walk through the halls with your head held high and get respect from everyone.



eat breakfast and lunch 

You would be surprised how many people skip lunch and breakfast considering how unhealthy it is. You need to have food and energy in order to think and keep your stomach from grumbling in a silent class. (yes, its embarassing.)



your parents probably joke about how you sleep too much, however, this is probably not the case on school nights. You need to get rest in order to function at school. Get all your work done before 9pm. Take a couple of hours to relax before sleep and try not to use your phone right before you go to bed. 



Hints for success:

Classroom Success: 


raise your hand

getting involved in class will definitely boost your mark up. This shows your teacher that you are listening and Thatyou understand.


get missed homework

Its rare that you won't have a friend in any of your classes. Ask them what you missed in class. Or, you can ask your teacher before class begins or before you leave if it is a plannes absence.


pay attention 

Sit near people who won't distract you. Listen to what your teacher is saying in order to understand what you are learning. 


ask questions 

If you do not understand what is being taught, ask your teacher. Raise your hand, there is a good chance other people were wondering the same thing you were (and they are very greatful you asked).


show up on time

attendance is part of your grade. Show up to class and on time. This way, you won't miss anything and will show respect for the class and teacher.






























Homework is something everybody dreads doing. However, doing your homework will benefit you, despite it being boring and stressful. It will help you to understand the worok you are doing in class and it's an easy way to raise your mark! some tips are:




  • Get homework you missed from friends
  • don't procrastinate 
  • take breaks from work if needed
  • don't let yourself get distracted 

 Homework skills:

work alone in a quiet place 


take study breaks



keep notes organized



have someone quiz you



ask teacher if you don't understand something



start studying days before the test




Study skills:

Tests and exams: 




  • Study at least a week before exams
  • get lots of rest the night before
  • bring extra pens and pencils
  • make sure you understand everything 

and after exams, on the last day of school, you will be  f r e e . . .

Tests and exams are the most stressful part of highschool, especiall when you have never done exams before. Here are some tips to help you get through them